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    What an incredible wealth of information. Orange, Coach Rob, all of the other contributing coaches, Thank you. I have volunteered to be the Head Coach of our leagues innaugural Flag Football season. I have never coached at any level before. This forum has given me all of insight and direction required to get things rolling. We will be playing 8 on 8. My roster will be 18 kids. I must say prior to stumbling on to this site, I was beginning to get a little stressed. With our first practice 3 weeks away I have: -A good idea of topics to cover during our Parents meeting. -Solid foundation from which to base our teams philosophy and goals for the season. -Excellent selection of beginner offensive plays to work with. -Excellent selection of defensive schemes. -Practice strategy and drills. If my 7 YO is any indication of what teaching challenges and short attention spans lie ahead....I will have my work cut out. Again. Thank you all for contributing to such an excellent forum. Ron the rookie coach.