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  1. Coach Reyes, What version of SW do you run? Do you run unbalanced? If so 4x2 or 5x1? How would they adjust to those looks? do you run the buck lateral or the spinner? With fast teams misdirection is a good tool if they over pursue as the gaps are bigger. You might try a shovel pass and just chip the DE (show pass pro and direct him outside and then seal the first backer inside) the SW TB showing pass will pull an aggressive DE up field and either the BB or the WB can take the pass. Tell the back to get vertical in the first daylight he comes to. That is nothing more then an old R&S play combined with the SW. I would not try and run sweeps outside as their speed will beat you to the edge. Do they run a eagle or okie front in the 53? I am guessing okie since you said basic. If so you an wedge that front and trap the DT and a nice gap is there to exploit. Jack Jack, We run a 4x2 . with spinner action. Our Wedge has been succesful out of our spinner series. They run an okie front in the 53. I believe our 31 Trap should be there especially after establishing 16 power. Thank Ypu so much for your response! JR
  2. A couple of drills that seem to work for us is 1 oklahoma, that is 1 blocker 1 runner agains 1 d lineman and one line backer between cones that are about 6 yards apart. We give the count to the offense and have them line up head up. We let everyone take tuns at every spot trying to match up as evenly as possible. 2nd, angle tackling drill: here we line a ball-carrier with a linebacker about 10 yards apart and we put a cone at the sideline where the ball-carrier trys to beat the LB to. Stress head position, focal point[navel] explosion from hips neck bowed facemask through numbers wrap around hamstrings[ideally] grab cloth pull back and do not leave feet. Keep diving through! If needed practice tackling on to bed of dummies if trying to avoid injury before playoffs. Good Luck!
  3. First you have to establish the run! Then come out with some playaction, draws to the HB. Make sure you throw some quick passes. I had this same exact problem the past two weeks. hope it helps. Thank You! That confirms some of my initial thoughts. I especially want to be able run an effective draw and set-up play action!
  4. I coach a 100 lbs team and have a first round playoff game in ten days, against an extremely fast and athletic team. They run a very simple 5-3 defense with their corners playing 5 yards off and safety playing 15 yards centerfield. Their linebackers are aggressive but will drop back when they read pass. Their defensive ends come up field and I believe are susceptible to biting inside. I run a single wing offense with an unbalanced line. I am open to suggestions. Coach Reyes
  5. Dont have Dends wait for ball carrier. Have them go through ouside shoulder(5) and box/contain aggresively. Its very hard for them to wait and not get kicked out. Good Luck and God Bless, Coach Reyes
  6. The simple answer to your difficult situation due to some crazy league rules is as follows: Nose guard: Quick, aggressive player. Fire-slant A gap, strong side. D tackle-wk side: Head-up Tackle. Fire-slant B gap D end-wk side: box-contain Corner-wk side: If he has receiver cover -back pedal read QB if run come outside-in. If no receiver send still with contain responsibility. Aggresive bump and run coverage! Will:Over guard-2 yards, Blitz A gap wk side Sam:Smartest,best tackler.Over guard-2-yards, Attack C gap read-key full back D tackle-strong side:Head-up Tackle, fire-slant B gap D end: Head up Tight End Go through Tight End and Box/contain Strong side Corner: Fastest kid, aggresive, loves contact. Read QB, if run attack outside in with ultimate contain responsibility. Coach up Helmet always on the outside. Aggresive bump and run. Strong safety: Over tight end, Responsible for him. Bring up seven yards from los and read QB . Coach up aggresive run support. Free safety: 10 yards back from los between will and corner back.shadow ball. Help over the top and watch for reverses. Practice: Coach up angle tackles and pursuit. Preach contain and staying home on the outside. Teach line men hand drills-heel punch-elbow collapse-rip-swim. Tackle drills-Oklahoma etc... Good Luck and God Bless
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