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    Coaching Camps In The Usa

    You might try the following website for information on various coaching courses offered. National Soccer Coaches Association of America
  2. Noah0295


    Coach2003, I think you would be better servered to spend more time in practice working on fundamentals than worrying about using some drill to try and intimidate the other team before the game. I know that my team isn't spending time standing around before a game watching what the other team is doing, we are busy preparing for what we are going to try and accomplish. IC, Schann
  3. Noah0295

    Worst Coaching Mistakes

    What about you coach? You can't tell me you personally never made any mistakes. Have you always been fair to all of your players? Have you ever favored/neglected your own child? Have you ever lost your patience with a player?
  4. Noah0295

    Distance Runners

    We are talking about middle school athletes. What kind of drills do you do to keep it fun and interesting. Also, how do you evaluate your distance runners?
  5. Noah0295

    Coaching 5 & 6 Year-olds

    I think it also important to start working situations a little. Especially when to go to first and when to go home with the ball.
  6. Noah0295

    Distance Runners

    Both of you sound pretty knowledgable. How many miles a week should my athletes be training? Do your distance runners do any sprint work in addition to their longer runs? Thanks!
  7. Noah0295

    Worst Coaching Mistakes

    I started this post so I guess it is only right to go first. The worst coaching mistake I ever made was giving up on a kid. I had a player who started playing t-ball for me. He never paid attention, was always a distraction and never really seemed to care what I said. Through the years I gave up on him. I didn't spend extra time with him, I was hard on him, I didn't give him any opportunities to develop. One year during an important game he was late getting ready to bat, he was the next batter but he was still in the dugout. The on-deck batter was already taking practice cuts in the on deck circle. I yeld at the kid to get his helmet and bat and get up to the plate. He quickly put his helmet on and grabbed his bat. Running head down to the plate, he ran right into the swing of the on-deck hitter. Fortunately, he was not hurt badly, but I took the opportunity to remove him from the game, as this was an "important" game. We eventually lost the game(got what I deserved). Anyway, the following year he shows up for practice. I had made some changes in my life so I approached things from a different angle. I spent time getting to know the kid. I found that he did want to be successful but that he didn't know how. He laughed when he struck out, not because he didn't care but because he was embarrassed. He had a difficult time focusing because he had ADD. The kid has really progressed. He is not a top player, but he has improved 100%. I wonder what might have been if he had been given the opportunity earlier?
  8. Noah0295

    Best Coaching Moments

    That's an easy one. It's the years later when the kid has gone on to other things and they see you at the supermarket or at church and they go out of their way to just say "HI Coach". You know you made an impact.
  9. Noah0295

    Worst Coaching Mistakes

    Coaches: What's the worst coaching mistake either game time or practice time that you have ever made?