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  1. zachintosh66

    Punt Question

    as to follow up... there was no rush in our league so we were doing from about 5-7yds
  2. My link Some basic plays we put together. I try to spread the ball around and have fun at same time. Quite a few, but I dont usually use them all. Run plays and the misdirections seem to be the most successful. Let me know what you all think... No QB Runs. 7yd QB Pressure. 5v5, Screen Blocking Only Best athlete I put at RB (O). First Plays are Runs. 2nd is Passes.
  3. zachintosh66

    Drawing Plays

    im on a mac, so i use iweb then save as pdf
  4. zachintosh66

    How Many Plays Is Enuff/too Much?

    update: I ended up using a Double wing/Single wing and Power I Playbook. We ran about 16 plays including a couple audibles, no huddle and a few automatic reads... i was really impressed with how much knowledge the kids could soak up. Being my first year we also were behind the eight ball a little b/c we only had 4 4th graders on a team of 18 players... and only 3 of those kids played last season. Despite all that we still had a winning record and even got to play at the local university. I cant wait till next years stuff to get underway!
  5. zachintosh66

    Punt Question

    First year Coach for 3/4th grade. In our league we have a non-rush punt. How far should the C and P lineup?
  6. zachintosh66


    Ours is Down, Red, Set Go we use this b/c the varsity program uses it. and it is always red.
  7. zachintosh66

    How Many Plays Is Enuff/too Much?

    good looking out
  8. zachintosh66

    Do You Think A Athelete Is Made Or Born?

    both born with "it" but also can be "made"
  9. Hey all- First year head coach. Ive coached before just not at the 3rd/4th grade level. As im putting together our playbook im wondering how many plays should the ave 8-10 yr old be able to process. Any help would be great thanx all! -Z