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  1. Boriqua's Season Update

    One of the kids actually got detention, so he wasn't even available. The other was my decision. I was going to let him sit for a while and then put in in, but he started whining and got an attitude when he saw that I wasn't putting him in, so when I saw that, I told him he wasn't going to play. We have a game today, so I'll be talking to him before that. Being that this is a school team, and I lost some players before the season began because of grade issues, I had a talk with all of them and told them that they need to hit the books and do what's required of them from school, otherwise, they wouldn't play. It's a bit of a tricky situation being that I'm a volunteer coach and my only relationship with the school is that my kids go there. But, I believe it's never a bad thing for the kids to learn responsibility and that there are consequences for their actions. But don't get me wrong, I have been blessed with a great group and I'm very thankful and proud of all of them.
  2. Boriqua's Season Update

    Well, we won the game yesterday, 32-12. Unfortunately, it seemed like the kids were still thinking about our big win on Tuesday because they just looked distracted and unfocused the whole game. I had two that got in trouble during the day in school, so they did not play. I had to continually get their attention during the game. So, it seems we need to work on our consistency and focus. Thankfully I still have some older ones that speak up and hold their teammates accountable. Other than that, the team is obviously doing well at 5-1. We have a game next week and then two weeks off until the league tournament. We'll definitely put the practice time to good use. I've come up with different defenses that have had some success, so will be working a little on those as well as trying to learn some new plays on offense to bring something different to the tournament, because the short time I had to get ready for the first game, I've had to run the offense with 5 plays!!!
  3. I haven't kept up here, so I'll just start a new one. We are now 4-1. Today we beat the team that beat us, 27-6. It's been great so far, nerve wracking at times, but fun. I'm real proud of the kids, they played their hearts out today against a tough opponent, possibly the best in the league. Our next game is this Thursday.
  4. Spring 2010

    We're 3-0 so far. our 4th game is tomorrow, against what maybe the toughest team on the league. But I'm definitely excited and I think the kids are ready.
  5. We Won Ouf First Game!

    well, we won our second game 40-23. We had a couple of breakdowns on defense but overall,they definitely improved. Offense was pretty much humming. The kids did a good job. On to the third game.
  6. We Won Ouf First Game!

    Ok, we won our first game. As I mentioned on another thread, I am a new coach, so today I was pretty nervous and couldn't believe how quickly the game goes by. but I have to say, it was fun and I was really happy for the kids. We won 34-12. the other team ran a lot, and used basic plays but we still had some issues stopping some of the runs. We still need to work on angles and pursuit, but hey, three picks all returned for TDs! The kids worked hard and they deserved this one. Let's see how the rest of the season goes!
  7. Try-outs start today! I'm nervous but happy at the same time. I've got some logs I created to keep track of all the kids and where they are at right now skill wise. Thanks to all here, I have a nice set of plays we will be starting with once the team is set. Still tweaking it. Thanks for all the advice so far, and please feel free to add some more, I can sure use it.
  8. Thank you both for your suggestions. To answer your questions Johnp2, this is a school team, so we will be using their name. Also, we will be practicing twice a week, though I may ask for more practices, we'll see how that goes. I like the ideas of playing against the parents as well as the Player of the Week. I'l be using both of those if you guys don't mind . Do you guys have any suggestions as far as how to better run a game, playcalls, substitutions and such. I am still working on plays as well, so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hey guys, I was asked to coach flag football at my kids' school this year, and while I have found some great info and plays in here, I wanted to ask for some advice related to what we are going to be doing. It's going to be a 7 0n 7 Co-ed league with no contact for 11-17 yr olds (I know that is a huge range, but it's a private school league). Now, I have drills, I know I'll be doing a zone defense (4-1-2 most likely) at least initially, and I have offense plays, but unfortunately, most are for 5 on 5. I know I'll most likely be adding routes to complete my 7 players, but any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. I know and love football, but I've never coached anything in my life. Obviously it's fun to win, but I'm more concerned with making it fun for the kids and making sure we are at least very prepared for every game. Thanks in advance.