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  1. Thanks again for the help. I intend on implementing it. The QB run rule is not typical? Dang. The rule actually states that as long as a defender is lined up behind 7 yards, the QB is elible to run from the start of the play. He doesn't have to wait for the rush. As orange and Rob suggest, I'll start with a rusher to the throwing arm side (right) of the QB to force him to run against his throwing arm (left), hopefully taking the pass option away, and shadow that side (left) with a zone defender. If we get burned by the runner too often, I will have to switch back to a normal zone without a rusher.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply Coach Rob. That's interesting. No team in our league rushed even 1/2 the time. It might give us an advantage if we can contain the QB. So, you rush one player and then play a 2-2 with the four defenders covering left 1/2, right 1/2 shallow and deep? Is the rusher always responsible for the QB? Do you send the rusher hard for the flag, or do you send him in controlled? The two defenders up close, do they play run first or immediately cover a receiver in their zone? Thanks again and sorry for being a pest.
  3. Hi everyone, I am new here and this is one awesome forum. I coach in a 5 on 5 league. 10-12 year olds. 7 yard rush rule. I was an assistant last year. This will be my first year as a head coach. Last year, I coached the defense and we ran man to man. Our defense was average at best, and sometimes we gave up a ton of points. Our biggest problem, by far, was getting beat on long passes. I still wake up at night screaming, "Don't let them behind you!" In our league, if a defender lines up 7 yards from the line of scrimmage, the ref raises his arm, signaling that the QB is legal to run the ball. We were burned quite regularly by sending a rusher which allowed their QB to become a runner. So we either got beat deep by allowing the QB time to pass, or got beat by their QB running on us when we sent a rusher. I plan on using a zone defense this year, probably a 3-2 but after reading here, the 1-1-3 looks interesting. Questions: How often do you send rushers from a zone defense? How do you stop from getting beat on the deep pass? How do you keep the QB in check when you send a rusher?