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  1. I'm having a lot of fun posting highlights of my team's games on Youtube. I'ld love to see some of yours too! Gentlemen, start your uploads! Here is my team's winning extra point on the last play of this season's first game (didn't get the touchdown on video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7ot0L_JhGk Here is a nice run by my son during the second game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LPYkWsyyjI Here is my son pulling a flag, notice how we teach them to hold the flag high after pulling it to help the ref out. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=8ZT2uvyEmYQ Bob
  2. Hi, I'm 42 years old an have been coaching as an assistant or head coach for 3 years. I was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and therefore love college football. I started out helping coaches and had my head-coaching debut as a basketball coach. I've found that flag-football is the most fulfilling sport to coach. There is nothing like leading the team out on the field on a crisp, sunny fall morning! This is my second session as the flag-football head coach. I was very lucky that my son's prior flag-football coaches were wonderful to work with and learn from. I only moved to head-coach after the last coach's son moved into tackle. I've got 3 great assistants who love the game. I'm always looking for new ideas to help teach the players and this forum is perfect for that, so thanks in advance to everyone here! Bob
  3. Thanks for the post and I agree completely. I want to reiterate. I never argued with the official about any calls during the game. Believe me, there were some blown calls, but my philosophy is that as long as we get the same breaks then I'm o.k. with it. That's why the flag issue bothered me. I always have the boys check their flags to make sure they are properly placed, so we weren't playing on even terms. So anyway, even after the touchdown play I posted on Youtube, the boys came to me and complained about the flag and that the other team was blocking down field and I told them that they needed to forget about it and concentrate on stopping the extra point. I was very, very discrete and polite about asking the official to check their flags. The conversation generally went like this, "Hey ref, could you do me a favor and check the other team's flag? They have some of them on the front of the belt and it's making it difficult for my players to get a fair shot." I'm not exagerating, I was as polite as I could be. As the game went on it got frustrating because it continued to happen. What was over the top was the official yelling at me to coach my team. I think the ref should have warned the other coach who is ultimately responsible for the kids' flags. If it continued it should have resulted in a penalty. I loved the advice about practicing with misplaced flags. I've never thought about that. I'm sure it was a complete shock to the boys to not see the flags on the other teams hips. That's going to be our first drill on Tuesday! Thanks, Bob
  4. Thanks for the input. I've calmed down a bit from earlier, so hopefully by our next game (in 2 weeks) it will be a distant memory. The other play you mentioned was from last week's game and it was a wonderful way to end the game. My offensive coordinator was on vacation so I had to step up and call the offense. Needless to say, since it was the first game and since I am used to running the defense, it was a low-scoring affair. We have 11 kids on the team and our first priority is to get each player a touch on the ball. Well, it was our final posession, everyone had touched the ball and so I put in the star lineup. We ran a double-reverse and scored (didn't get that on video...). Then we decided to go for 2 so the other team wouldn't stack up on the pass. The center pass worked wonderfully! The parents really loved the Youtube thing, so I'm going to try and put more videos up.
  5. So we had our second game of the season and ran into a problem. The opposition kept having their flags on the front of the belt. I mentioned this to the official and asked him to take care of it. He went to the other team and adjusted a few flags. The flags continued to show up on the front of the kids belts and I kept pointing it out to the official by going out to him and asking him politely to check the flags, never raising my voice, so that only he and I knew what we were discussing. The other team finally scored, and of course the boy's left flag was up by his belt buckle and he was running the right sideline (see for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Gh8tbsXJsc ). In the second half my assistants and I were spotting the flags prior to the play and I would once again approach the official. One time I even pointed out the the official how all of my boys had the flags on their hips. The last time I approached him he finally turned to me and yelled, loud enough for my boys to hear, "Just coach your team". I then responded that he should ref the game. After the game, I reviewed the video tape my wife had shot and sure enough, you can see how blatant the flag issue was. I fired off an e-mail to the league organizer. I feel that I had an obligation to my team to continue to point the flag problem out. I'd like to hear what you think about how I handled the situation. We won the game 7-6 by the way, but the game was ruined by an incompetent official. I've been assisting for 2 years and took over head-coaching duties during the spring session. I've never had any problems with an official before, in fact I've had a lot of fun talking to them before, during and after the games. This was just weird. Bob
  6. First I want to say hi, this is my first post, I'll introduce myself later. It's usually difficult to say who is the "best" athlete. One boy can have great speed, and another great hands. I've found that the quarterback needs to be someone with great presence of mind. It's a waste having your fastest boy at QB because he really can't use his speed. I've also found that it's more important to have a great receiver than a great passer for passing plays. We play in a rec league, so we try to get every boy at least one touch per game, which can be a challenge, but we usually only use 3 or 4 at quarterback since a dropped ball is a dead play we can't afford to lose plays. For defense, I like the fastest kids as corners and the most aggressive as rusher. Of course, rusher is a coveted position, so we try to get each kid there each game.
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