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  1. Good advice - thanks! From your experience- any tips to make it easier to stay in bounds, learn how to hand-off the ball and run through and or past defenders. Based upon practicing with my twin sons- they don't grasp the concept of sweeping behind the QB for the hand-off. They also want to run the other way when we play defense with them. I know it will take time, but I sure don't need to reinvent the wheel if you have drills or coaching points that helped teach these concepts. Thanks.
  2. Hey guys! I am coaching my son's flag football team for the first time this year. It's 4 and 5 year olds and thanks to this forum, I feel pretty confident about our game plan. Make things fun, use games/drills to learn the basics: running till the whistle blows, not looking down, how to pull a flag, learning to stay in bounds. My question is: What is the proper way to teach a snap, how to hold the ball, etc. I know this year will be a lot of semi-organized chaos, but I want to make sure I am setting the groundwork for years to come and I don't want to teach any bad habits. Thanks- any advice is appreciated! We are YMCA 8-8.
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