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  1. Also, Orange where can I find your book?
  2. Thanks Coach Rob and Orange. I really appreciate the ideas and advice and that I will certainly take all of it into account. The plays are great, simple and I should be able to teach them. I did manage to find two other fathers to help me out. I will keep you posted on how we are doing.
  3. First off, this is my first post and I really appreciate all the great advice you all have for a first year coach. So back to the topic. Am I crazy or is having a pass only league for 5/6 year olds a little silly. All passes must be forward but do not have to cross the LOS. Should I be setting up my offense for a lot of shuffle passes to the running back or center? We have found at practice that really only 2 of the boys can even throw the ball a max of 10 yards but not with much accuracy. Any help you "vets" could offer would be greatly appreciated.
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