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  1. No weightlifting before puberty!!!!!
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    We no longer have names on the game jerseys because of recruiting. It's a shame because the kids always liked it.
  3. Go to nba.com, then click on Jr NBA, then click on "parents." There's a list of things parents should want to know from the coach. It allows you to set the expectations and provide your rules.
  4. Life is not about winning and losing in a 9/10 intramural league. It's about development and fun. Even on a 9/10 travel team, while there is more emphasis on winning, it's still about development and fun. The number one reason a child should want to play is because they like playing the game. If you think back to your Little League days, about four or five players from the all-star team were still playing by high school. Sometimes it's because of development of other interests. Mostly, it's because some of the LL all-stars were physically ahead of the curve on other kids. When they stopped growing and the field got bigger (full size field) many stop excelling. It's all development until the kids play high school ball. A 9/10 year old is not an athlete. He's an aspiring athlete. The best coaches are the ones who has the most players return to the program the following year. Over the years, I've coached 34 intramural and travel teams. I've always used the philosophy of "fun and development for all." 31 of those 34 teams had winning records. I've coached kids who just plain stunk at 9/10 who are now playing varsity ball in high school, while some of the kid stars didn't make the team. If you want to read a good book on youth sports read, "Just Let The Kids Play/How Not To Let Other Adults Spoil Your Kid's Fun" by Bob Bigelow.
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