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  1. Tulare Youth Athletic Association is proud to host a Youth Flag Football Tournament in Central California December 5-6 2009 in Tulare California 5 on 5 coed 3 diffrent age brackets 7-8 9-11 12-14 birthday cut off date is Sept.1 more information to fallow or contact David Moore davidm@tyaa.net or 559-300-5150
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    4-5 Yrs Old 5On5 Flag Football

    Hello new to this site just found it a few days back. You guys have alot of awesome stuff here, best I have found. I started with 5/6 year olds a few years back now just started my first season with 9-11 year olds. I agree with Coach Rob you might want to start off with 2 diffrent squads at the first to make it easier on yourself.After a few games youll find it easier to sub in and out. Our league has 2 halfs, 20 min running clock. Gives you plenty of time to play everyone. We also have sheets that the coachs give to a parent to make sure every kid gets in for at least 8 plays. At this age it is learning and trying to teach fundelmentals of football. Have fun is the main thing. Our league last year didnt even let the 5/6 year old keep score. Dose any other league not keep score at this age? would like input on this matter.