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  1. Anyone had experience with running the option? League is 5 on 5, QB can run, 5 yrd rush line for defenders.
  2. Hey MVP, I coach 10-12 yr olds, and we use a 1-3-1 Defense. The "1" is in the front about 3-4 yrds back, "3" are along the rush line 7yrds deep, and the other "1" is 4-5yrds behind them. The front 1 is really aggressive stopping the run or covering the center. The 3 shade over a little (if in trips) and cover accordingly. With the deep guy either rushing in or watching the deep ball. I am a big fan of rushing and do most of the time. But we played the #1 team twice this past season, 1st time we lost by 14 and the 2nd time we lost buy 3 pts. We rushed a lot the first time and hardly any the 2nd. They were a pass heavy team who had a really good QB and could evade the rush really well buying himself some time. Just something to think about. Good Luck!
  3. I would definitely have my best player at QB. I like the shotgun formation with the RB beside him for the quick handoff-RB-QB option run or pass. Do you only have 5 players on the team, if so that sucks! Far as Defense, since you don't have a lot of athletes your probably will have to run a zone. With the slow ones up front, maybe a 2-3. Or maybe a 1-3-1, that I just wrote about on the defense message board. Good Luck!!
  4. Just wanted some feedback. We do the 5 v 5, rush as many times as you like but has to be 7 yrds out deal. 10-12 yr olds. I started this year running the normal 2-1-2 Defense, but we haven't been that aggressive up front as I'd like. I usually put the weakest of my 5 up front, with a fast rusher and good speed and reaction on the outside 2. So, this past week I changed it to a 1-3-1 D. The kids seem to like it and we only got caught out of position 1 time when we rushed from the right side 3 spot and they ran it to that side. I just had to front 1 spot slide over a little when we rush from that spot. I like it because I feel the kids can see the field a little better. I put an aggressive kids in the front 1, fast in the back 1, then spread it out in the 3. My question is I haven't seen that much talk about this type of D. Mostly 2-2-1, 2-1-2, 3-2, and 2-3. Give me some feedback! Thanks
  5. Hey Everyone, Just wondering if anyone had any good motivational words, cleshays, or anything that you tell your kids to get them pumped up? Thanks
  6. I used that D couple of years back in the same age group. What I would do is find there fastest man or 2 and put my fastest 2 guys on them. man on man and let everyone else play zone. If you don't think their best person is getting the ball next put 1 of your guys that were covering him and have him rush. It worked really well and shut their best guy down.
  7. Thanks, My DC likes the man on man, but I would prefer Zone. We lost pretty bad today. I would even prefer a half zone half man D. We'll see what happens. Thanks everyone.
  8. I see that most of y'all like the zone defenses. And that you are mostly talking about ages 6-10. What about kids that are 10-12? Who likes the man on man defense and can you tell me the strengths and weaknesses. thanks
  9. What program do ya'll use for drawing up plays?
  10. Do you guys give a playbook or a rule book to the parents? Or any kind of info that you ask from the parents? Let me know, thanks.
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