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  1. Coaches: I have 10 5 & 6 year olds on my team. 5 on 5, QB cannot run, with 5 yard no run zones near midfield and endzone. Have 3 plays to cross mid-field and then 3 plays to score. We lost our first game 1-0 (6-0) and our defense was terrific (outside of the long TD run by the other team), but our offence sputtered. We practiced about 4 plays to run this week and the kids really did get them pretty well, however, the other team just lined up their 5 defenders and the only time that anyone got past the defense (on our side or theirs) was just missed flag pulls. Basically, my team got about 12 plays total for the game. I had a lot of very angry parents after the game who told me that their kid only got one touch and that I was looking out for all of the kids instead of focusing on winning/scoring with my "A" team (we certainly have 5 dominant kids with the rest varying in ability). I will have to manage these parents to the best of my ability, but basically my four plays were: Scissors play left and right - center snaps to QB, right or left RB fakes handoff and runs diagonally across the field and the other RB gets the ball. Problem here was that the defense just sat back and waited for the kids. Second play was the same, but a reverse to the WR. Same result. I had two pass plays, a center drag and a halfback swing pass. I ran two pass plays, both going incomplete. Long story short, we crossed midfield once and never came close to the endzone. I have an extremely talented 5 kids, but cannot ignore the others. I have drawn up other plays to try, but I just don't know how to break through the defensive 5. On pass plays they just sort of hang back in the passing lanes (my kids really can't throw beyond 5 yards) and on defense they just hung back and waited for my kids to run at or near them. Anyone have any advise on plays, drills, etc.? Play the same team on Wednesday and really want to win won for the kids. Thanks in advance.
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