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  1. Hello All: I'm working closely with our local YMCA to improve their flag football program and I've mentioned to them that their local newspaper ads could be more dynamic than what they have presented in the past. Because I'm in marketing/advertising for a living, I have some of my own ideas, but I thought I'd reach out to the group to see what if any ideas you might have. What's worked and not worked; specifically was there anything in an add that you thought led to greater enrollment/signups. I would love to see PDFs of ads that have worked but I'll take just commentary...anything would be appreciated. Thanks, OakParkCoach
  2. Hey Texas...THANKS! I just saw your question...sorry for the late reply. I used Apples iMovie...had never used before and just wanted to see what it could do so for that movie, I used every transition in the program just to see how they would look. I've finished my "opus" of the entire season and will try to post in July when I return from vacation. Not sure if I can upload a 25 minute movie but sure had fun making it...i learned how to do slow mo and break clips plus added tons more music...it was a lot of work and my wife things I'm obsessed, but like I said it was fun. iMovie and iDVD are free Mac programs that are really worth checking out. roy
  3. hey John...just read the thread about the first grader playing with 3rd and 4th graders...glad it worked out and he didn't get hurt....but the league was a bonehead in my opinion and Orange was right, had the kid gotten hurt there could have been a lawsuit...but on that note, it is amazing what level younger kids can rise to...I'm a Y flag division director and had to fill in for a coach the first week last weekend...played my first grader (cause they were way short on kids) with 3, 4 and even a 5th grader and he held his own....like you, I found his strengths...he's a super fast squirrelly kid who made the QB's life ###### on the rush. Bravo to you to keeping the little kid on board...that's what good coaching is all about and he'll NEVER ever forget that experience or you...the coached who believed in him. Roy
  4. Speaking of Refs, does anyone have suggestions on Ref training? Our YMCA league is starting it's fifth year and we still struggle with getting consistent reffing on the field. Part of this is due to the pay structure of the Y...we can't pay the refs more than Lifeguards and as such they get just $10 per hour...most of the refs are college kids home for the summer. We plan to hold a refs meeting to train them on issues we have seen happening on the field. We also plan to designate a head ref at each game for tough decisions...and we are setting up division directors to be at games in case a ref has a question about a call or play, but if any of you have other thoughts, I would love to hear them. Roy
  5. Here's one of my favorite games....I'm compiling a season highlight film...it's almost 20 minutes long...doing it primarily for my entertainment and will have that up in a few weeks. Roy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4asZSqIlI0
  6. First off, I think it is admirable that you play all the kids equally...at this age that's what is important. That said, I also have no problem with trying to win....I try to get all the kids the ball during the game but of course I go to my power players more often than not...last season I was lucky in that every kid got a TD at least once and 5 out of 8 had interceptions.....I know for a fact that all had fun and all will likely return. As to coaches knowing what you may do, have you tried any audibles? About half way through my season I played a team (our only loss all season and they beat us in the Championship) who really seemed to know exactly what we were going to do every play. We started using a simple audible that changed a hand off play to a fake hand-off and then pass...we had some success. The best part was that the boys thought it was so cool to have that extra "trick" up our sleeves. I promised my wife I wouldn't coach this summer (it's too hot she says) and it is killing me! so I won't get another chance until next January, but I plan to teach audibles from the very first practice next season. I'm fairly confident that I can make audibles make a difference. Shout out to Orange who suggested I try the audible this past season.
  7. You don't need software...just look around this forum for the play books that Coach Rob, Orange and Texas D have posted...use those plays and you'll be off and running...pun intended.
  8. Perhaps a compromise for the coach who has the everyone must play rule.... Why not have the kids who don't show up for practice play only the lower skill set positions? I certainly would let a non practicer play QB, receiver or even let him get his hands on the ball if he only showed up for games...and best of all when you're challenged by the parents, and you would be, you can say "Since Bobby hasn't practiced I'm really not sure if he has the skills for QB so I used the boys who I knew would know what to do"...or something like that. Everyone misses a practice or two and that's to be expected if for no other reason cold and flu season, but to habitually miss practices is disrespectful to the time and energy that the Coach and his Assistant (s) put in and it sure as ###### doesn't teach one of the most important lessons about this sport...unlike golf, this is a team sport and it takes a team to win. Just my 3 cents.
  9. Orange: Like you, I don't go out of my way to watch another team, but if the opportunity presents itself, why not? And really what's the harm? Some will not want to admit it but boys (and men) and coaches LOVE to win (who wants to lose?) and scouting or watching another team to see what they do seems like a logical way to do just that win. Yes I know and teach good sportmanship and I even tell my boys that winning is not everything...having fun, learning skills, etc., etc, but I would be lying if I said I didn't care if we won or lost at the beggining of each game. Last season as we were getting ready for warm ups for our game, I noticed that the team we would play the following week was on the field near us. I grabbed a couple of the boys that were with me and we walked over for a closer look...I pointed out a few things on their defense and who their speedsters were on offense. Did it help? No, we lost but it was all part of the game and I don't think the boys viewed it as wrong or unethical and I certainly don't. On the other hand, I used to be a big fan of New England and Belecheck but after last years video gate I'm thinking he stepped over the line so I guess you could argue where do you draw the line?
  10. Really late to this discussion but this past summer was my first as head coach andOIi handed out a simple playbook with a few pages on pass routes, some plays and an introduction. I work in graphic design (but am not a designer) so I have access to cool fonts and graphics. On the front of the book I dropped in the Broncos' Logo and placed the words "For Players Only". I doubt many of the boys really looked at it (except my son who told me it was so cool) and my assistant had warned me it might be a waste of time....but I can tell you the boys did feel like being on the team made them a part of something special and the playbook reinforced that. I will definitely continue to handout a book each season as I feel it reinforces the "team" aspect of this great sport.
  11. Scalt; Keep the coaching tips for this age group coming...I'm coaching a 6/7 team in January and have enjoyed what you've done. Do you have any more drills that the kids have liked and you feel have been beneficial?
  12. Yeah Orange, reading the defense first and hopefully having a kid at WR in motion who can run and throw would be key. I would save these types of plays till probably the second quarter so I could get a read on the D. Man, with just 5 positions it's really hard to draw something that doesn't telegraph itself in a wildcat formation. Thanks for the feedback.
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