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  1. It depends on your league ruling. On our league QB is not allowed to run, and ruling says that the first guy that receives the ball is the QB, so in our case if the Hb recives the snap he is automatically considered the QB. I´ll tell you what I did. On my 12-14 guys my Qb was also my best runner so I set up my offense out of the shotgun with one guy actually siting very close to the QB, this second guy was not actually a running back and did No running at all, I called it a flex back, he was doing escape routes, fakes and most importantly I set up a direct snap to this guy so he could hand off to the Qb and let him once in a while pick up the yards by ground when nobody was expecting it. It´s not a wildcat but I called the play just for snap purposes “cat”, I drew up like 10 variations of the play but actually just ended up using 3of them. Works really nice, on one game we actually got 2 Td´s out of it, the secret is to play a lot of passing and then all of the sudden this snap to the flex Works great, just look out not to use it much, I called it out 3 o 4 time each game. Success of it probably depends on the age group, I designed the plays for 12-14 guys since I ran 100% out of the shotgun, I also used it on 10-11 kids just in practice sesions and it seemed to work good, I didn’t used the “cat” at game with these guys since my offense with this group was 100% singleback formation. Good luck.
  2. I faced the same problem the past seasons where we faced very well trained teams with experienced players and coaches. I also tried misdirection plays, reverses, options and all sort of stuff that didn’t work because off D aggressiveness. By half season I found the way to move the ball and finally got the wins, What I mostly did on running is really fast direct hand offs, pass faking with delayed hand off to the RB and counter faking and delivering to the opposite side. I´ll describe two or three plays for you specially designed for 10&11 yr kids facing 2-1-2 D: 1) Direct fast hand off to the RB in between the CB´s & middle defender (LB or NT), I kind of call it an Off Tackle running play, there is huge gap in between these defenders on a 2-1-2 so I mainly attacked this gap, it a strange play because Qb actually has to run a couple of yards parallel to the LOS and hand off to the RB (Qb hands the ball half a yard away from LOS). You can run it either side and after they are all mad about & have tighten their CB´s you can add the reverse, this reverse is really special because Qb is the one running to the WR (who starts on a delay) and not the other way around, you can ad the fake reverse and fake hand off then pass to the sideline guy. 2) Back drop your Qb with pass intentions, send your WR´s on deep and then after 3 secs Qb suddenly turns around and hands off to the RB who is just sitting there waiting for the ball, I called this a delayed dive. I love this play but before using it you have to show passing capabilities, it works great because D picks receivers up but forget about the delayed singleback. 3) Counter fake the dive with your HB & deliver the opposite side with you WR´s on reverse, or do the other way around, counter fake the reverse with the WR´s & deliver off tackle to the HB. This second one is awesome play, it’s like the first play I described for you but Qb stars on counter faking and then runs the like 5 yards to the off tackle Hb who started on 2 secs delay. 4) On the passing side fast passes on drags rest of the guys overload opposite side. Or Go rout on one guy and rest of the guys on short patterns. But the really killer on passing was I always used my singleback formation even on passes, so HB always started his rout on delay after backdrop, so D picks up the receivers and forget about HB which always ended up uncovered on short escape patterns. I leave you a couple of these play progresions to one side. sample plays.pdf
  3. I had the same problem on a 2-1-2 with older kids. I did as Orange suggests in her, I crashed/ pulled my Cb some yards to the inside field to contain the run & force inside, If Hb did get passed to the sideline I instructed Cb to tail hard behind and avoid the cutback while safety closes the sideline gap. I eventually changed to another D setup.
  4. It would be interesting for an experienced coach and team like yours to go a step further. Can´t you get involved in both leagues? Take your best 6 o 7 athletes to compete in the select league and your rookies and average guys in the rec league? It´s thought to coach two teams which I´m doing, I think it would a good challenge for an experienced coach as yourself…..
  5. League started back around 7 o8 years ago as an NFL recreational league, the main goal started out to spread flag football around to different society sectors in a nation where flag & and football are not popular. As of now this purpose hasn’t been achieved & the league has become almost exclusively fas an offseason option for the tackle teams, so in other word it´s a Select league that that sells out as a recreational league. Problem is that teams like myself that take the initiative to go into coaching and to spread flag around to our sons and friends most of the time get discourage since they really get badly beaten down in the field, I´m finding my way around but the majority of the venture’s don´t, so there more desertions than sport spreading going on.
  6. It´s a shame our league ruling is so conservative, I called out the modified center EA one time on each of the three last games and all 3 times it was called illegal by the refs, I didn’t want to make a big deal out on the field so I didn’t mind their calling, I´m taking video to league authorities on January and talk sense into them so I can freely use that handoff on further occasions.
  7. Just to wrap up this post I want to fill in on the last three games. Season is over & after starting 0-3 we ended up 3-3, unfortunately this wasn’t enough for playoff which we barely missed on a tie breaker (game # 3). Some adjustments did become improvements, specially the idea of sending the printed play inside the field with Qb did clean up play execution, I don´t like this very much since we were the only ones doing it, other teams just call out the play to Qb or even signal de next play. The other really good thing was D, we started with a 2-1-2 which simply didn’t work, there was too much passing going on so we moved to a 2-3 Zone which worked better. On last game I decided to try a quarter D & it was our best game on D, we won 20-6 two of the Td´s came from interceptions. Regardless of the D we were the best team stopping the run; we received 0 Td´s by ground. What didn’t work? - I was hoping to lower Qb rush rate by throwing out Shotgun formation and keeping always my singleback formation, this didn’t helped at all since we were rushed all the time & and gained no big yardage by air during the entire season, not a single Td by air (only good thing is that Hb served as an escape options a couple of times). It´s a shame our league ruling is so conservative, I called out the modified center EA one time on each of the three last games and all 3 times it was called illegal by the refs, I didn’t want to make a big deal out on the field so I didn’t mind their calling, I´m taking video to league authorities on January and talk sense into them so I can freely use that handoff on further occasions. What is next? - On February will be heading to a nearby city to play in a new league. I will keep same playbook & and players & hopefully will be by then a better and improved team with better O execution. I´m considering adding rollout option to lower pressure on my Qb or even stepping down my actual Qb and sending in another one, major problem is that QB is my daughter & she won’t leave the staring role without a fight, tough decision. Thanks to all you coaches, merry Christmas and happy New Year.
  8. I work running and passing differently. Run: I work key players first during pre-season, QB & RB and faking player if involved, I even work with them on different session practice than the rest of the guys, I like doing this because I can concentrate on trying different stuff and things I even like to get a lot of feedback on how they feel with the play, sometimes they even give me better ideas that the original one I thought about, another great thing is that I can custom the play to the Qb/Hb style, for instance last year end around play my Qb was doing really good counter toss faking first to the HB, that same play doesn’t work the same with this year Qb since she does not execute tossing so good, so on these sessions we costumed the play to her style, so it’s the same play but she is dive faking with the Hb. After nailed down we set up the whole thing with the rest of the O. Pass: It´s a different story, I just draw the play on chalkboard and then execute it on the fly. Now the most important thing I just recently discovered thanks to this forum is that execution has to be really good, I was struggling with this but just found a workaround. I´m not allowed inside the field during game so in my practices I was calling the plays outside the huddle to simulate game day, I was really struggling, from a month or so I’m practicing inside the huddle and letting the guys look at the play and execution has become much better. On game day I´m sending inside the field with the Qb small laminated cards with the play so they take a quick glance at it, this has been really refreshing to my offense execution.
  9. Does your league ruling allow D player to cross Los at any time? I do believe I got an outstanding RB and on my first two games I was scoring with him in the first couple of drives, but afterwards he was completely shut down. They did actually spy on our Hb with two guys that where overaggressive, just after the snap they were jumping across LOS even if my back did not had the ball yet, now this is illegal, but these guys where smartly using ruling to their advantage. Problem was we were faking to other players before handing the ball to our back, ruling says that D can cross the LOS if we are using any type of faking on the play. Now I realize these experienced teams primarily train their front guys to look at play faking first. It´s just an idea, but probably your solution could be something similar if rulings allows it, look into the details. Because of this I had to change my Offense quite a bit.
  10. It sound more to me that they are missing flags because of the proper tackling stance. If you player goes at the RB to high he will miss the flag, so he has to brake hard (contain) in front of RB with his leg base open (feet at shoulders base level), knees slightly bent and hips down, eyes lock on the belly and hips, arms spread slightly out and front.
  11. I hate it when that happens, it´s frustrating when you actually come up with the possible D game saving adjustment when the game is already over, I guess it´s the consequence we rookies have to pay. Same thing happens to me, I get so caught up on O execution that I forget about D, I particularly find harder setting players up on D than O especially when you don´t know you athletes so well. There are so many things to look at during the game that there is always something missing and it´s even worse for guys like me that don´t have any assistance at all. But it´s comfort to know that will get there; I particularly found myself more relaxed this year at game day than I did last year and I´m able to see more things happening around me. So my advice is to stay put, we´ll do better on adjusting as time goes by.
  12. Before answering you question, first let me be clear out that I´m NOT saying this is the ultimate D or “hey guy use it”, I had the same DE´s problem at first games and for some reason these guys where biting on the pass first and not the run, I tried several time during game to get through to them but it didn’t work, solution came like Johnp2 says on a recent post by causality or mistake. My left DE´ wasn’t stopping anything at Los, he was caught of guard on snap where he was 5 yds out of Los and bingo, he tackled, so I started changing things a bit, so in conclusion, changing my D set up worked better and faster than trying to keep DE´s home. Answering you question it’s a straight 3-2 zone D, I got all pretty much covered, as you may already know the problem area is the pass to the flat zone, swing pass or flare pass, fortunately for me it seems nobody at this age group has this kind of pass in their playbook, last week one team did improvised a screen pass to the WR (execution wasn’t good so I realized in wasn’t in their playbook), they sent the play twice, first time WR dropped it, and second time they gained around 6 or 7, after that they didn’t try it again. Flare or swing could be cover m2m with one of the LB´s. Two main problems: first, LB´s are too close to the middle field, as they backpedal they are still close together so that is a problem, I started teaching them de diagonal backpedal, its hard for them but eventually will get there. The other problem is: Since I got the wides doing two roles, CB and Safeties around 5 yard from LOS I only got one eligible guy for rushing, my Nickel back, but this guy is actually like my 60% of pass support so I rather play it safe and not rush at all. It would seem between LB´ and Nickel is a good passing zone, but my nickel is such a good athlete that he got it cover, interceptions mainly come from this zone. Probably the other main problem would be if nickel bits hard on QB faking throw to one side and QB throwing the other way around, but then again teams I´m playing against all come from tackle so their QB´s are trained to scan the field. This would probably kill this D in other leagues.
  13. I would definitely listen to Johnp2, he is a much more experienced coach than I am so I would start with his advice. Every team, rival, player and league is a different story, so this is what actually has been working for me, so far our touchdowns have been against wide DE´s since our best play & the one giving results is a fast hand off run design directly in between the wide DE´s and the NT. So in the future if you are still stuck and want to try it out here it is, I changed the D design from 3-2 to 1-2-2 since you tend to defend the run more than I do because of the age group you are coaching, as you can see it´s pretty much like the idea you have of throwing back DE´s, in order for it to work properly you two LB´s have to been good players, in my D I got top player at Nickel and LB´s my 2nd and 3rd athletes. You can easily change this to a six player D, 1-3-2. 1-2-2 and 3-2 against run.pdf
  14. This is what worked form me, take in consideration I got 10-11 kids, 60% passing 40% running. My first two games I had the same problem using a 2-1-2 D, I think DE´s tend to confuse their role since they are the ones facing the receivers, strangely as it sounds what I did is actually force the outside run, I moved 2 smart athletes up front on a 3-2 D, the two front guys are NOT playing wide, they are playing 2 yards away from the center to each one of the sides, they are now facing directly the center backfield, their eyes and attention is now directly over de Hb and not the receivers. Their instruction is to tail the RB if he gets the handoff and force him outside field; left & right safeties (used to be the DE´s) become CB´s and are the ones actually closing the sideline gap and the true tackle guys. Since the RLB or LBL (depending running side) is tailing strong behind RB there is no time for option passing, so you got 1 guy on persecution, one guy closing sideline gap and there is actually one guy covering pass option to the running side, he is my best athlete who sits 7 yard out of Los in the middle of the two wide safeties/corners, I like to look at him as a Nickel back. This has worked well on the last two games, but then again 3 guys back could be a different story with younger kids.
  15. So you think that option passing won’t give you an edge if the player is not a good athlete? Or are you specifically talking of his knowledge, awareness and sharpness, in other word if he is a smart athlete? What comes first for option routs a good athlete or smart athlete?, having both in one guy is jackpot, I do have one with both qualities, but is one out of 11 players I have in total. So option routs won’t compensate lack of speed and agility players? One of the main problems at this age group is that D´s are disguised; all D players start out at 7 yds out of Los in a straight line, you don´t actually know what type of cover they are playing until the play develops. I´ve been doing some internet search and found no information regarding option routs, I did found some interesting stuff you may already know like D player stance and his eye contact.
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