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    The Ultimate Football Playbook

    The Ultimate Football Playbook was put together using five different offensive schemes that have been successfully executed on the football field. 1. The Power I-Formation: Used for power running behind a strong line and a powerful fullback. Screens and passes can also be used in this formation. 2. The Shotgun Spread formation: Used to spread out a defense to either side. Great for screens, come backs, and go’s. Qb draws, sweeps, and reverses can be run from this form as well. 3. The Pro-Set: Terrific formation to implement everything. Power, passing, screens, misdirection, motion. This formation will keep a defense on its heels. 4. The Wishbone: Used for power and misdirection. Unlike the I or the Pro-set your back can hit a hole using two lead blockers instead of one. You can also run misdirection and still use a lead blocker. 5. The Run and Shoot: Used to pass and spread a defense out. Allows your Qb to read the defense using a motion man. Theory is there’s always a man open if read and executed properly. Why use five formations? There are several reasons a team must know more than one or two offenses to be successful. 1. Switching up your offensive scheme during a game or a series can confuse the defense. 2. If a defense is shutting you down then having the multiple offenses gives a team options. 3. Not all teams run the same defense. Some offenses work great against certain defenses. Knowing the difference and making changes quickly will win games. 4. If you’re in a league that has a minimum play rule then you can dedicate one offense strictly for those kids. This will allow you to get their plays in and show the defense a different look at the same time. For more information on The Ultimate Football Playbook go here: http://theultimatefootballplaybook.hostzi.com
  2. I-Formation and Pro-Form Coaches Football Playbooks Two terrific football playbooks when utilized together can arm a football team with an explosive offense. The I-Formation is great for power plays up the gut gaining 2-4 yards a carry and wearing out a defense physically. This is a universal formation which all youth players should learn. This formation is used by a majority of teams from youth, jr. high, high school, colleges, and pros. Even if it’s only used for 3rd and short or goal line situations, most teams and players know this offense. This is a great formation if you have beef and strength. Pound, Pound, Pound utilizing clock and controlling time of possession. www.iformation.hostzi.com The Pro-Form is a great offense if you have a couple skilled and fast backs. You can attack both sides of the field and the defense can’t key in on one player. It keeps a defense honest and always guessing. Misdirection, counters, options can easily be run smoothly out of this formation along with dives and powers. www.prosetformation.comoj.com