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  1. Platoon

    My Favorite 5 On 5 Play...

    19 downloads and only one person actually posted anything.... I expected more feedback.....
  2. I want to give you some background first on how I call plays and design them... I dont see anyone else here that does it this way, so I am curious about your opinions as well. I give every spot a number between 1 and 5, no colors or designation like rb, wr...etc... so if I call play 545....the kids immediately know that 5 (always the QB) gets it, and gives it to 4, who in return gives it back to 5...545.... I make every play formation in numerical order, starting from left to right...so 1 is the wr on left, 2 is the slot, 3 is usually always my center, 4 is the rb or right wr, and 5 is QB. I try to make all my plays from 2 to 3 formations so the defense cannot see the difference between them. When practicing I geive every player a number 1-5 again, then we call plays, run them, then I say rotate...every player moves up one number and we start to call plays again, and we do this for 45 minutes every practice... so if you are 1, you then become 2 and so forth, 5 rotates back down to 1.... So in the games, I only have to do one thing in the huddle, I call the play....the boys know exactly where to go and what the play is!! I havent seen anything even close to this in our league for 2 seasons. I can call almost 3 plays to everyone elses 1 play.... Here is my favorite play.... I will add more soon... 545.pdf
  3. Platoon

    Spring 2010

    I have more info about how things are going but Ill add here too. First year coach, a 5 on 5 Seniors division (10-12year olds). It seems to be going ok, I guess as a newbie coach expectations are alway higher. I am settling down now as we have had 2 scrimmages, one went great 23-0 in our favor and last Sunday we got beat 24-14. I want to ask a question as well, how many practices are you guys/gals having per week?? Do parents complain about how much practice you are asking them to attend?
  4. Great! but I am curious I dont see the QB moving from behind center....but I guess he is rolling out to the right....
  5. JohnP2, can you give me a play example of a boot leg? I was handily defeated on Sunday, nad two plays went nowhere after they went man to man..... Thanxs
  6. first scrimmage: outscored our opponent 23 to 0, but we were lucky twice as we let them have open passes, but were over thrown. Great effort and my trouble maker was MUCH BETTER then in the praactices, but I gave them the talk and it made immediate changes in their behavior... all in all a great and fun night.
  7. I have also decided to share my plays here, because I want some additional feedbackaboutt he play and not the players... Dotted line is the Hot player, dashed lines are usually fakes and misdirections, but on passing plays we can count down to other receivers.. Man am I pumped to play a game!
  8. Lots o good advice posted by everyone, I appreciate the feedback!! I have a plan to nip this, but unfortunately(really fortunately) he wasnt at Thursday's Practice:) This completely proves my point, we were 100% better last night, we made it completely thru my playbook, and was able to run every play with every QB and every player in all spots, some repeats even. My son stated, "best practice he has ever had" not just this season...and I would agree. If we can play like that in a real game, we can strike from any where, in any direction and most teams won't see us coming....or maybe even going...lol So a 1 hour practice on Sat, and then a 1 hour scrimmage right after that, I have typed up an outline to start the practice off with a quick set down to explain what will not be tolerated in the huddle, and each player earns the chance to be the go to guy and or the QB...he is really not QB material, but is an above average runner....but I want him to earn the chance to be the star.... I will make a new post on Sunday before our first real game... Thanxs again...
  9. Its so bad now, we cant run any plays, they argue in the huddle, even though I have explained the QB has the call. I force posyion rotations and trust me when I say, "he is getting more than his fair share" but its also hurting the players who listen, work hard and do as the are asked to do. Last week I was ready to play our scrimmage on Sat. now, I wish we had another Spring Break....I call positions from 1-5, going from left to right, and the QB is 5. This kid thinks that being #1 is better than lets say 3 or 4, but they are not we have several hot routes on every play and we usually always have an end around mis direction as well. He wont even run the mis direction, he always goes out, and I not talking 7 yrds, I mean he is 35 yards down field. if is close to a pass which is throw to another player, he runs over and tips the pass, then neither of them can catch it, and the player doing right is kinda getting the shaft... It is really setting me back...mentally even I am up at 2:00am thinking about tomorrows practice....
  10. oops! Seniors, 10-12 year olds!
  11. I made a post in the sticky, about my first practice, now my second practice with 3 repeat players and 4 new ones was a complete turn around from my first practice. Unfortunately to the worse... So I thought I would start a thread about my season, and I hope any and all who want to give input...WILL....I need all the help I can get.... The 2nd practice had 2 VERY talented players show up, and they BOTH listen. there were 2 others as well, and average talent, one will NOT LISTEN AT ALL, he even runs his OWN pass routes and then yells for the QB to throw him the ball...EVERY PLAY! I was so frustrated I sat in silence the rest of the night after practice. How to handle this one??!!! Thats all I have for this practice.....
  12. Platoon

    Youth Flag Football

    I wanted to weigh in here myself: I am 2nd year dad, and a first year Coach for background. I have a 10-12 5 on 5 team with two great throwers and everyone can catch most of the time. Just to let you know what I have seen last year my son's coach used the same lineup (positions) on every play. Yep, every play... it was a T, 2 wr one on each sideline, the center a wr on his immediate right, then the QB. We always ran a wildcat, with both ouside wr coming back to the QB, one in front and one in back of the QB. Each play "number" would tell each and every player who was to get the ball. 1----23----4 -----5 1 and 4 are wr, 2 is the Center, 3 is basically a FB, and 5 is the QB So if you call play 1 1 and 4 do a double end around where 4 goes in fron of the QB as a fake handoff, and 1 goes behind QB and receives the handoff, the remaining players 2 and 3 go deep to pull defense away from the los. if we call a 23, 2 and 3 do a long and a short straight up pass pattern and 1 and 4 still do a double fake handoff. We also called a 14 which is a 1 and 4 are hot receivers and 23 go very deep to pull defense way back. Do any of you longtime coaches have any opinons on this, I like it, because after my first practice, the next practice we could let everyone be QB and they could call their own plays and we then focused on coaching the defense. Thanxs John