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  1. Im coaching an 11-12 yo team in a league with a 7 yd rush but the QB cannot run and has 8 seconds to throw. I have a smaller team ( most likely the smallest team in the division) but i do have some fast and quick guys. Would it be better to play man or zone? which would hide our lack of size better? This is my 1st time coaching 5 on 5, but have coached 7 on 7 and have generally run zone.
  2. Thanks Coach. yea our league doesn't have a pass clock, and you have to rush at least one player on every play.
  3. Hi Coach, I coach 12-14, yea Quarterback can run at anytime except within 5 yards of a 1st down or the endzone
  4. I coach in a 7 on 7 league that makes anyone rushing line up 5 yards off the ball. Whats a good zone look some of you would run with that rule in place?
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