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  1. btw when i first ran this offense, i put it in the last two games of one season knowing I would need a change up to win the championship. Then never looked back. It really took those two games and another full season to fully get it in and understand where I needed to make changes and adjust it to my personnel where need be. I certainly don't follow it to a "t" and because we practice so fast we have time to put in some other special plays that we might huddle for. Also don't neglect defense. Defense allowed us to put points on the board quickly. In regards to formations. Almost all defenses try to predict offensive play calling by formation. Being able to run 80% of your offense out of any formation, is huge and a great way to keep the defense off balance.
  2. Whoa! great to hear others have had success with this! Let me see if I can answer a few of the questions that came up. For practicing tempo, we just practice fast. Every drill is simple. Do it every practice. For communication, the coach was allowed on the field so I just said it loud enough where the players could hear but not the other coach. But we played in leagues where the coach wasn't allowed on the field as well. First off, we went fast. I would be herding the kids up to the LOS as fast as possible. Refs would always joke with me before all of our games that they knew they would be getting a workout. Sometimes we would find a rhythm and I would just call out plays for no reason other than to just go fast. If the other team was wasting time trying to cheat our plays, that's when I knew we had them. If you are wasting energy trying to figure out calls, you are not spending time coaching your team. On those rare occasions where i thought they were picking up our calls, we had a few hand signals to fully take advantage. One signal was for pass plays, which meant to get to the first down marker or endzone before breaking off your route. Another signal meant we were doing double moves, like the bubble-go. Correctly ran by the WR and correct QB footwork, it's an easy throw. WR HAS to sell the fake. QB pump fakes by keeping both hands on ball but just uses shoulder. Now when a QB pump fakes, his weight is on his front foot. So they must hop back to their back foot then throw immediately. If the WR isn't WIDE open, just chuck it out of bounds. One signal meant we were flipping our run play, another meant same side but go wide instead of inside or vice versa. Of course you need one dummy signal. If a play worked really well, I would also have a call to just run the same play again. When we scrimmage I also just yell out the play. I want our D to know what's coming so my team knows what to do. If they played a 3-1-1, they are weak on the edge. Run a sour or saint louis. I would try to move defenders around by formations. If i could bring the corners inside, my RBs knew the outside would be open. If the corners stayed wide my RBs knew to press the outside and look for cutback. If teams put a guy over the center just to chase my RB our adjustment would depend on what else they are doing. If they were still rushing, they are potentially double/triple teaming one guy. Just by alignment though, they are taking away razor and laser. Outside run play/fake inside run to an end-around/fake inside run and throw to center running a "J" route. basically just get some width and head up field. Hope that helps!
  3. I use the tight formation if I want to run wide or throw a bullet to one of them because the defense doesn't follow them. For defense we were mostly in a 2-1-2. If the team was mostly running we would have the stronger players up front. If they were a passing team, we would have the better players in the back. In the case where we had to mix it up we would rush from the side of the weaker player to force them to our better players. The up front players are aggressive. If there is only one WR to their side they line up over them just to take away quick throw but they let them go for the deep players to pick up. Our rusher wasn't always our best player but they were one of the faster kids on the team.
  4. If you are looking to get more vertical in the passing game there are lots of philosophies. Your throw short approach good work well to setup the long throw. If you are looking for a more immediate approach, the smash concept works well and is great against any coverage. You can also run it as an inside and outside concept. It's also an easy read for the QB. Outside concept: You have 2 receivers. The outside receiver runs a hitch while the inside receiver runs a corner. If the cornerback jumps the hitch, throw the corner. If the cornerback sinks, throw the hitch. Inside concept: 2 receivers. Inside receiver runs a hitch and outside receiver runs a post. If the hitch gets jumped, throw the post. Another genius concept is called "steal." I never thought it could work until I tried it myself. You pick a defender, usually a deep one. You have the QB throw the ball right at them while your WR comes underneath and "steals" the ball. The defender will stay put waiting for the ball making it an easy catch and run.
  5. Answers inline above. Good luck coach!
  6. Yes it is very nice to have what I have. However I have seen my slower kids be effective in this offense. Keys would be practice a few things and get really good at them. The bubble/hitch must be turned outside. This forces the defense to stay outside opening up the middle for us.
  7. i9 do you think plays will work in that league, how do you know when to throw certain plays. Is you team stacked with good athletes. i got some average kids and a couple playmakers but want to get everyone the ball. How do you run your play sequence , what are you looking for , Can the sour and saint louis be a pitch instead of stretch hand off? when do you know when to run what plays? g HOWZIT! Yes, we play in i9 as well. I have 2 speedsters and one kid that can throw decent. The rest are what I would call run of the mill athletes for their age. I spread out to begin with to see if they will follow my WRs. If they do run it in the middle. If they don't, just throw it to them. Sure you could pitch it I just like handing it off because it's less risky and one less thing I have to practice. It's really just a run/throw where they are not. If you go wide I go to the middle. If you stay close I go wide. Tempo is really key here. We try to play so fast that the other team has no time to adjust. There have been times in games where I don't really have a reason for calling a certain play, I've just kind of gone by instinct. Others where I will notice the back defenders coming up too quickly and go with play action.
  8. Thanks! That's kind of the beauty of it. Just be simple and get really good at simple things. If you want to play fast, you have to keep it simple. Started in 8u and ran it in 10u as well. My friend that coached a 13u team ran it with great success as well. You could substitute the bubble with hitches; bubble-go with hitch and go. The QB would just need to be taught to throw to the outside shoulder and the WR to turn outside after the catch. We mostly see the 2-1-2 but have still been effective against the 1-3-1. Some teams would play man and only play man for one play (we would usually score). The blitzing rule is anyone can blitz as long as they start the play 7yds from the LOS.
  9. This is a no huddle offense I've ran for 5 season with great success. Hope others find it useful. Flag_football_no_huddle_manual.pdf
  10. I saw a coach once use index cards with plays drawn on the cards and had the shuttlers bring the plays in and out. The QB would just put the card in his wrist band. I know this sounds crazy, but I use a one word system. One word means everything. Formation, motion, snap count, and play. You have to be committed to it from the start, but it has worked well for me.
  11. Is it 5 on 5 or 11 on 11? How often do you practice. We paly 5 on 5 and practice once a week, I find myself more and more calling plays I have never ran in practice. But it's all based off of our core plays. We have 3 plays we hang our hat on. Not 3 plays we go left on and 3 we go right on, just 3 plays. We practice these against as many defenses as I can think of so the team knows what to do in just about any situation. Off of this I have some base counter but I'd say about 40% of the stuff I'm able to just draw up because the kids know the general idea. Like Coach Rob said, they are able to execute the fundamentals that make any play work in the first place.
  12. Offense starting slow is unfortunately all too common in football. Do you practice offense first at practice or pregame? I for one think this carries over to the game especially at the youth level with so many two way players. Just gets them in that offensive mindset early. As far as pre-game speeches. For focus, if your team is not warming up good, I have found to be effective. Unfortunately nothing I can say will ever make anyone play like superman .
  13. I think the idea of using an ipad or something of the type is a great idea. However the use of electronic equipment to gain an advantage over an opponent is considered unsportsmanlike and it is actually illegal in HS and above. I know you may be asking "what about headsets and video?" well you can video but you can't watch it, like at halftime or when you change possessions. As for headsets, if the other school does not have them, they can actually ask the ref to disallow the other team to use theirs as well. Usually the ref will ask the other team and leave it up to them. I know this thread was posted in the youth section, not usually associated directly with HS, I'm just passing along information. I personally think the use of touchpads even in athletics is the future but currently the rules at competitive levels don't allow it. If you are just using it to store your drawings of plays, I really don't see anything wrong with it.
  14. I saw this defense once last year. I put my best athlete at center have him hike the ball then receive a handoff behind the LOS and roll left or right. Send everyone else deep. Now they gotta choose to stop the run or the pass. We played in the 7-8yr old 5 on 5 championship game against a team that ran this defense. Athlete for athlete they were better than us but the kids executed this scheme and they had to rush and play defenses they weren't used to playing.
  15. Agreed. If you can hit a 3-5 yard pass play over and over ALL the way down the field and we can't stop it, then you deserve to score.
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