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  1. hawaiibball

    When To Push For Fundamentals When Throwing

    Thanks for the feedback. I just wanted to say that, I found a more active forum to visit, but this post seems like a good idea. He's 6 and 2 mos now and throws sidearm with a curve (seems to twist his arm turning his palm up as he throws). Really trying not to nit pick him, but worried that most of his energy is going into the spin of the ball, rather than the throw itself. Thanks again!
  2. hawaiibball

    Kind 5 X 5 Playbook

    Looks great, thank for sharing. I'm helping coach a team, all coaches and players 1st time 5-6 yo. Yeah, we're one of those teams that just hands the ball off At the rate we practice, wish I could get the kids to learn some of these plays. If u can, u should have lots of success!
  3. hawaiibball

    Have I Made A Big Mistake?

    Thanks Texas, appreciate the response. Well, we ran into a pretty good team, they seemed like they had more than 1 one hr practice (kids prolly played before). They pretty much ran all over us, down the middle, out wide, they even threw an out for a TD (dang kids must have thrown it 7-8 yards towards the sideline). The field seemed REALLY wide for these 5-6 year olds. We have two groups of 5 on our team, the coach put most of the stronger kids on one team which played 80% of the offense. So we had LOTS of trouble stopping the other team. Gonna work on flag pulling drill and watching the ball runner. We had kids that the ball runner ran right past and they didn't even reach out for the flag/belt. Good news....they had fun! I just kept the high fives going, even if we just got a full field TD run against us. This will be a good test of my resolve to "have fun" despite losing lots of games.
  4. 1st year assist flag football coach for U6 (5 and 6 yo.) I'm in charge of the defense and had one 1hr practice to get them ready for their 1st game. Of the 10 players, none have played flag football before. I did flag pulling drills and put them in a 3-2 (3 on los, 2 7 yards back). Here is my potential mistake. I put my 2 oldest/more gifted kids in the back figuring they could read the play and take better lines to the runners. I put the next best kid over center. And my less gifted kids out wide on the los. We're going to see run 90% of the time (probably every play until they hit the no-run zones). When we scrimmaged against our own offense, we did okay, but got killed on a few end arounds (my gifted kids 7 yards back got sucked too far inside). Have a put the kids in the wrong place? If I'm going to see 90% run, should I switch it up and put my more gifted kids up front? I also thought having the 2 best kids in back would allow them to roam to the ball and stop the runs to 5-7 yards. Anyways, been reading the forum, lots of great stuff, just started thinking maybe I should run a 2-2-1 (or modified 4-1) where the 2 middle kids are my best players, and the one deep kid is the weaker kid. ANY thoughts are greatly appreciated.
  5. hawaiibball

    5 And 6 Year Old Flag Football Defense

    Yeah, those seem like good tips. I was rethinking the 3-2 def since that practice. The middle front kid in the 3 never seemed to be in the play so I was thinking 4-1 with the two inside kids being off the los some. I'm a bit fearful of changing before game time, but maybe I try that. The 1 in the back, the safety. Don't I want him to attack the ball right away? He's the only one that can attack the QB behind the scrimmage line, should they try to pass. I know I might give up the long play, but seems like any kid 7 yards back should take advantage of the fact that they can cross the scrimmage line at snap. THoughts?
  6. hawaiibball

    5 And 6 Year Old Flag Football Defense

    Well, had 1st 1 hr practice and game in 2 days. Had the kids play 3-2, it was pretty rough. Couldn't get the kids in the front to NOT pass the los until the ball was handed off or passed. Couldn't get the outside kids to not let the runner turn the corner. Couldn't get the back 2 kids to read the ball, but they did attack the qb pretty fast. Lots to learn, not much time. Will be interesting Sat. Oh, and our main problem, kids don't know how to pull the flag. Did 5 mins of running at each other and practice pulling, but 80% of the time the kid running just blew past the defender. Gonna have to do LOTs of flag pulling drills. Right now, the drill is run past the defender and let them pull it =). I just hope they have a good time Sat. They had a good time today, I think we are in the "ignorance is bliss" phase.
  7. hawaiibball

    5 And 6 Year Old Flag Football Defense

    I found this thread. If want, you can ignore this post. I was going to run a 4-1 defense but it appears most are saying at least 3-2. I was thinking 4-1 cause the 1 would have to be back 7 yards to rush any passer and could cut off any wide runs. At any rate, if any comments, great. Otherwise, going based off this post. http://www.y-coach.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1754
  8. Somehow, I'm now assistant coach to a flag football team. All 5 and 6 yo, none of them have played flag football before. We have one 1 hr practice and then our first game. Kids basically know nothing. There is one other head coach. We talked today and agreed that we should practice actual game plays. I wanted to just teach them one side of the ball for the first game but the head coach wants to let them play both sides of the ball 1st game (no clue how we are going to pull that off). I'm going to run the def, he's gonna run the offense. Need advice for a 1 hr practice. Here are my thoughts, (new coach). Take 5 kids, teach them our set defense alignment (will be same all game, four on line of scrimmage, one back with ref to wait 7 sec then rush the passer if pass play). It will look like this. X X X X ... X ... Then I'll have a mock offense (get some parents to help) and run the ball right and left and have them practice pulling flags. Teach the one kid in the back (fastest kid) how to rush passer after 7 secs. After 10 mins, we practice with offense. Then swap kids (I take other coaches 5 and he takes mine). Then rinse and repeat. I can be on the field during the game. Again, I'd like to just have them play one side of the ball 1st game, but the head coach wants them to play both sides 1st game. Thoughts? ANY ADVICE APPRECIATED! Pract Thur, 1st game Sat. Thanks!
  9. I have a 5 yo boy who is relatively good for his age at throwing. However, I'm a bit of a fundamental nut, and he does two things fundamentally wrong, often. 1. He doesn't get his shoulders turned and often steps with his lead foot towards the left of his target (not towards his target) (he throws right). 2. He drops his elbow during his throwing motion. I've set up bamboo sticks to force him to step towards the target, and I've tried to get him to throw overhand best I can, but he just doesn't do it consistently in game/practice. Soooo, first, should I just let it go for now, and keep going with gentle reminders? Or should I really make sure I repeat the proper mechanics as much as I can. If let it go, how long til I get a little more adamant about it? I see 7-8 year olds that can't throw from 2nd to 1st base because of poor mechanics and it scares me. Any other ideas of how to fix these problems, please feel free to share. Thanks!
  10. hawaiibball

    Battling Glove Question

    Hi all, 1st post for me, hopefully more to come. I have a 5yo who just started playing baseball (tee-ball). We let him pick out something at the store and he chose batting gloves. I'm very cautious about starting him "off right" with fundamentals etc but don't know much about baseball. Should I have him wear one glove on left hand, or have him wear both? He bats right. I've heard everything from left only, both, and none is okay. Just checking, I'm leaning towards both (since he got both right and left in the purchase). Thanks in advance. Look forward to reading more posts here, good forum!