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    We had our first two games on Sat.02-20-10. We lost the first game 7-14 and the second game 6-12. A drive killer was I was having to put all four players in different positions during the drive. The kids were getting confused on what to do. One kid took the hand off ran two yards and threw the football to the ground when the defense swarmed him. Another one took the hand off four yards deep and just froze. Then my QB did not even attempt to hand off and took off running with the football (not allowed). We have 3 plays to get it past mid field (25 yrds)and 3 more plays to score (30yards). We have a 12 min half with a running clock . It only allows you two possesions per half. The two teams we played played the same kids in the same positions the entire game. One team even had some kids play offense and defense only.(This teams coach was telling his defense who was going to get the ball as I was lining up my offense, he had watched previous plays and caught on to my offense. I asked him if he would not do this because we were a new team with no experience and he just snickered at me.) The League recommends you play all kids in all positions but its not a requirement. There was only one other team besides us that did this the entire day. Coach Rob has a good idea that I'm going to try with only two playing QB.(One is my assistants son he he has no desire to run the ball and he is my better QB) We have a referee time out after 6 min to allow for subsitutions. So each kid gets (2) 6 min. quarters on offense and defense. I going to play the same players in the same positions for (1) 6 min. quarter and then move them around on the (second) 6 min. quarter. What do you guys think?
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    Your rules seem to be the "norm" with a few variations on the theme. The 4 vs. 4 is definitely a challenge, but you can look at some of the playbooks and modify them for your situation. If you're looking for a specific answer on a topic, throw out the q and we'll try to answer. Another option is using the Search function with the Advanced link, I've found some great answers doing that. We've probably kicked around every imaginable topic on flag football over the past few years on this forum. Thanks for the info. I will let you know how it goes this year.
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    Doubt that would happen, we send two rushers once in a while, but never a full out blitz. Best bet is to check out the pinned thread called New To The Youth Football Coaching Discussion Board? I did, but nothing with 4 on 4 with the rules in our league.
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    This is my offensive formation I plan to run. We will run 75% of the time. My fear is the opposing defense lining all 4 players 5 yards off the line and rushing everyone. Thats alot of pressure on a 7 year old. 0 0 0 0 Defensively we have deceided with the man to man with a rusher. I just do not see many passes going down field. If they do then my rusher can play rover in the secondary. Here are the rules FIELD A. 60 yards from goal line with two end zones of 10 yards each. B. Field shall be divided into 6 zones of 10 yards each. C. Field shall be a minimum of 35 yards wide and a maximum of 60 yards in length. PLAYING REGULATIONS A. The home team will decide if they want to start on offense or defense and the side of the field they would like to occupy. Teams change sides after halftime. B. The offensive team takes possession of the ball at their 5-yard line and has three (3) plays to cross the mid-field. Once a team crosses mid-field, they will have three (3) plays to score a touchdown. If the offensive team fails to cross mid-field or score, possession of the ball changes and the opposite team starts their drive from their 5-yard line. C. All possession changes except interceptions start on the offenses 5-yard line. D. Each time the ball is spotted a team has: 30 seconds to snap the ball. Teams will receive one warning before a Delay of Game penalty is enforced. E. No contact allowed and no blocking. F. Ball must be snapped between the legs to start play. G. Touchdowns will be worth 6 points. Extra point (1) from 5 yards out and (2) from 10 yards out. Safety is worth 2 points. Rushing the Quarterback A. All players that rush the passer must be a minimum of 5 yards from the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped. Any number of players can rush the quarterback. B. Players not rushing the quarterback may defend the line of scrimmage. C. Once the ball has been handed off the 5 yard rule is no longer in effect and all defenders are eligible to rush. D. A special marker, or the referee, will designate 5 yards from the line of scrimmage. Running A. The Quarterback cannot run the ball. B. Only direct hands-off behind the line of scrimmage is legal. No laterals or pitches of any kind. Offense may use multiple hands-off. C. The player who takes the hand-off can throw the ball as long as they do not pass the line of scrimmage. D. Spinning is allowed but players cannot leave their feet to avoid a defensive player. E. The ball is spotted where the ball carriers belt is when the flag is pulled, not where the ball is. Ball & flags must break the plane for a 1st down and touchdown. Passing A. All passes must be forward and received beyond the line of scrimmage. B. Shovel passes are allowed, but must be received beyond the line of scrimmage. C. Quarterback has a 7 second “pass clock”. If a pass is not thrown within the 7 seconds, play is dead, loss of down ball returns to line of scrimmage. Once the ball is handed off the 7-second rule is no longer in effect. D. Interceptions change the possession of the ball at the point of interception. The ball comes out to the 5-yard line if the interception occurs in the end zone. Receiving A. All players are eligible to receive passes (including the QB if the ball has been handed off behind the line of scrimmage). B. Only one player is allowed in motion at a time. C. Player must have at least one foot in bounds when making a catch. D. Pass may not be intentionally tipped in any direction to another teammate. Dead Balls A. Play is ruled “DEAD” when: -Offensive player’s flag is pulled. -Ball carrier steps out of bounds. -Touchdown is scored. -At the point of an interception (interception returns are not allowed) -Ball carrier’s knee, hand or the ball hits the ground. -Ball carrier’s flag falls out. -Receivers flag falls out. (Play is dead at point of reception) -If the QB takes a snap without both flags, the ball is dead where he or she received the snap. -There are no fumbles. Ball is spotted where it hits the ground. Anytime the ball touches the ground, it is dead. This is my first year to coach and I was not expecting it to be just 4 on 4. By the way 6 of 8 players have never played before. We do have some speed though. 3 players run in a track league. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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    I'm coaching my son's 8 and under boys flag football team and need some help . It will be 4 on 4. 1. OB can not run 2. Ball must be snapped between centers legs 3. Only direct hand offs behind the line of scrimmage. No laterals or pitches. 4. Passing is allowed and all 4 players are eligible. Defense 1.All players rushing the line of scrimmage must be 5 yards off the ball when it is snapped. Any number of players may rush. Once ball is handed off 5 yard rule does not apply. Shotgun snap or direct snap under center? Man-to-Man defense? Do you rush or just play the ball? Any help would be greatly appreciated.