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  1. I'm coaching a 6 man league ad have bunch of 3-4th graders. we're playing a 2-4 defense (2 at line of scrimmage and 4 five yards back_. our pass defense is great but we stink at stopping the run. I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for teaching the kids to swarm or trap the runners as they're coming through. we have done one on one flag pulling but that hasn't helped much. I need to come up with trapping drills. any input in this area would be greatly appreciated.
  2. we don't have any restriction on the blitzing front. that being said how often would you blitz playing 6 man. i was even thinking of crashing the back field to flush out the run may be with 2 or 3 guys?/ thoughts?? opinions??
  3. Thanks. What do you use as you base defense?? what work best??
  4. I have been coaching in a 5 on 5 flag football until this season where we have signed up with a 6 on 6 league. can any one provide us with play book on offense. can you tell us what are the best defensive schemes to use. Please advise. Thanks
  5. Thank you all. Also, What's the best way to go in coverage when protecting the end zone when they're going for the extra point?. Which defense?
  6. Coach, what do you call out as an audible so they don't figure you out as you would have to use it repeateldly. Also, is it safe to assume you usually don't rush on 1st down. If you were to send two rushers which dfense would be the safest to go with?
  7. Coaches what percentage of the time would you rush during a game. It seems like my rushers are puting pressure but are not quite getting to the flag. Should I rush on 2 and 3rd only??
  8. we're only allowed to coach from the sideline in our play offs. what's the easiest way to communicate to your Qb which plays to run and what can we give him so he can relay it to the team. we play 5V5. I'd like to stay way from the wristband since his is last minute. they're 8-10 years old.
  9. Thanks all for your suggestions. We had our game and the 3-2 for us worked really well. We actually shut them down defensively. We still gave up some chunks on the field when they were running. I was wondering if you have some aggressive defensive flag pulling drills you could recommend. Also, If you wanted to teach one money play that would get that first down or touch down in the 5-7 yard pass only which one would it be. Any recommendations? I just can't convert!!
  10. Thanks All. I will give it a try this weekend. I'm also having issues staying with the same formation in offense. I don't have a problem with giving kids a position to play but I can't figure out how to do all my plays out of the same formation. It seems some are pro-set, some are with RB at the LOS, one wishbone. How can I best mange this situation so I can get my desired plays and not confuse the kids. It seems like most coachesrecomend staying with one formation. please advise. Thanks
  11. Thanks coach, Would you consider a 2-3 at all or do you think I should go with 1-1-3 or a 2-1-2?
  12. Hello everyone, I only have 3 athletic kids out of 5 for 2 of the 4 quarters based on the substitution system. The other quarters I will have 4 strong and one weak. Can any one tell me what's the best defense to go with so I can cover up my weaknesses? I need to rush all the time against better teams. My kids are 8-10 years old. Please advise. Thanks
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