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  1. Do we practice the core fundamentals of blocking and tackling enough at the youth football level or is the focus in practice too much on running plays?
  2. Coaches Chair

    Legendary New Jersey Youth Coach

    Congradulations to Coach Douglas on his committment to the youth in his community. Its amazing that this person has dedicated such a big part of his life to football and the life lessons it teaches our youth across the country. Its men like Coach Douglas that shape the future men of this country! Congradulations Coach Douglas!
  3. Coaches Chair

    44 Defense At Youth Level

    The 4-4 Defence is a nice multi-purpose defence for your specific age group. Basically, its a run stop type of defence with 8 men up in the box and this makes it difficult to run against. The downfall is with so many players up and in the box if they do break through its probably for a big gain. Alignment varies depending on what you would like to do. The most popular fronts are the 4-4 Stack and 4-4 gap. In both cases the outside linebackers are responsible for contain. They should be strong athletic type players that play with an edge and can take on a block effectively. The key to this defence is to align your front so that your linebackers can flow to the football without having an offensive linemen on them all the time. So your inside linebackers will have to be strong and athletic as well. In the secondary you probably want your best athlete to be at the FS position have good cover skills and be a solid run support player. The down fall to this type of defence as well is that you are vulnerable to the pass downfield. Cheers!
  4. Coaches Chair

    44 Defense At Youth Level

  5. Coaches Chair

    Offensive Help

    Hi, My experience having coached over twenty seasons of High School Football is that less is better. Keep it simple, do it well! I would implement at the max three different formations and coach them up so that they know how to execute them in all situations. Having too many plays and formations takes away a lot of practice time and some other areas of your game may suffer. Having your players know a more simplified version of your offence very well ,as opposed to somewhat well, is better in the long run. As a defensive coach for many seasons, the different looks can be prepared for and adjusted to. Its when you face a team that executes well, even when you know what they are going to run that makes it difficult to defend against. Cheers! www.thecoacheschair.blogsot.com
  6. Coaches Chair

    Offensive Help

  7. Coaches Chair

    New Defensive Coach Wants Input!

    My vote would be the 6-2 defence, gap 8 is tough to run against but if they break through they're gone for a big gain. More suited as a short yardage defence. In the 6-2 you have the linebacker, defensive end combo to help with the outside run, and 2 defensive tackles in the box with two linebackers in the middle. I like the idea of having the free safety which gives you help with run support when they do break through. Either or, in the end it depends on your personell. Cheers
  8. Check out the Key Elements to running a Solid Football Defence at www.thecoacheschair.blogspot.com Cheers!
  9. Coaches Chair

    Are You Ever Satisfied With Your Playbook?

    I'm shuffling through the playbook steady and comparing the plays I love to the personnel I know that is coming back for next season. Lets face it, sometimes you won't have the players to run the offence that you want, so you need to simplify things so that they can handle it. It'll save you a lot of frustration on game day! Cheers!
  10. Coaches Chair

    Best Offensive Routes To Run For Man And Zone Defenses

    There's really no best routes to run versus man or zone defences. What you run will be based on the personnel that you have and the down and distance your facing.Usually the rule of thumb versus zone and man defence is to try and take advantage of what they present to you. For example, versus zone defence have your players run routes where they "sit down" between the zones of the defence. Basically, find the openings in the zone, stop, and let your QB throw to you as you sit in an open spot. Versus man coverage you get your players to "run away" from their defender, outrun them, get them chasing, and give them the ball. Most teams who face man coverage will try to isolate their best receiver with a defender and get him to use his athletic ability to beat the defender. So to sum it up: " sit down" versus zone and "run away" vs man!
  11. Coaches Chair

    Suggestions For Stopping A Great Running Back

    Sounds like you got contain problems which is very common in your age group. To fix it simple. In whatever front you run your outside guys need to get staright up field to ball depth and then attack from the depth of the ball in and under control. When the running back gets the hand-off on the reverse he will see the first guy at ball depth attacking inwards under control. If he continues to run towards him your contain guy must string it out or force him to run inside where your help is. If he turns to run the opposite way you still got a contain guy coming down at ball depth under control and force him to run inside. So contain him by bracketing him in with your players getting to ball depth and force him to run inside where you have more help to stop him. Good luck!
  12. Coaches Chair

    Post Season Awards

    I agree coach. Its a tough thing to do especially after drilling them all season on team play, team concept, team systems and then award players individually. I always hated the end of the year awards because chances are pretty good that someone will go home unhappy. I like you, did the same thing, and made up awards and did the best I could. Sometimes its clear who the MVP or most improved athlete is but when its close, its tough and usually I give it to both players and honor both of them. Either way, individual awards are a tough call.
  13. Coaches Chair

    New Middle School Coach

    Hi,defensive and offensive philosophy is usually what you as a coach have selected, after researching the different defenses and offences that are out there. Selecting the one that fits your philosophy and knowledge is important as is selecting one that your players will be able to execute based on their abilities. I like the 6-2 defence for this age group. The 6-2 defence is strong against the run, and can pressure the offence with many different fronts and blitz's. the only thing though, is that when they do bust through the line of scrimmage you are vulnerable to give up the big play. but a good defence for this age group and easy to coach! As far as offensive formations that's a tough call. The best thing for you to do is to evaluate your athletes strengths and weaknesses and take it from there. For instance, if your best athlete is a running back, then design your offence around them. If they are a quarterback the same would apply by having a good offensive line( always the key) and put somebody outside so he can throw down-field.Rank your athletes and place then in the positions they will excel at. Things usually fall in place after that and you'll basically see what kind of formation you will run based on the personnel you have. Good Luck Coach! My link