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  1. Now that is slick! Gonna borrow that! Thanks! Got an issue with our QB too on an earlier post...any advice would be much appreciate. Thanks again Orange!
  2. I am seeing alot of man-on-man defense this season and frankly have never had to deal with it before. Most of my plays are setup for shredding the zone, so these coaches must be getting smarter. What type of plays work best when dealing with a man-on-man defense. 5-on-5, 8-10 year old, 5 second count rush.
  3. I am in a 5-on-5, five second count rush league in the 8-10 year old division. I am struggling this season without a quarterback and am making the best of one of my fastest players with very little arm. The upside he is enthusiastic about playing QB although he is a much better RB and one of the more athletic players with good confidence even if he throws an interception. I've found there is nothing worse than a QB that shuts down after an interception. I have scaled my plays back to provide short passing opportunities that shred the typically zone defense we come against instead of the long passes I had last season. My problem? Our QB gets tunnel vision on a single player and does not scan the field for all passing opportunities. Even worse, the tunnel vision is extended with a hesitancy to throw so by the time he decides to throw the ball the defense has already read where he is throwing to. Can someone provide me with some drills to open up his awareness and speed up his throw? Thanks, in advance.
  4. Thanks Mianna, I like it and will try it out. @ Thunder...thanks so much! We ended up winning in overtime using the Trips right...awesome play, thanks so much!
  5. Did you get the right size? Sounds like you might have gotten one of the ones that won't let him close his mouth even? I would look at getting the smallest one you can find, some of them are freaking huge, the cheaper smaller ones work best that fit around the teeth without anything hanging out the front etc. Where the molars are, trip that back big time...it may be causing a gag reflex. This may sound kind of trailer park, but get some of the candy spray at a store (let him pick the flavor) and spray it on and keep it handy.
  6. How close are you to the parents? I would first get their permission to speak with him and then without a doubt approach him gently. Sounds like you guys have a good rapport, so if you have a frank discussion about his objections to playing you may be able to bring him back in if you make some changes. I had a similar situation where the parents where just "crazy" from the sideline and put HUGE pressure on the kid outside of games as he was the QB. His take was that he was "sick" of playing QB but I was able to decipher the real reason when speaking with him. The end result was that I had to move him to another position and spoke to the parents about the change for him and asked for their support, again "gently". He naturally gravitated back to the QB from time to time, but the change did great as the parents cooled off. I suspect they were as stressed about their player blowing a play as QB as the QB was. You have invested alot of time, get the parents permission and get to the bottom of the reasons why he does not want to play. I bet you that kid really does want to play and with some assurances and changes, you can get him back into the mix.
  7. I am currently coaching a 8-10 year old division, 5 on 5 game with five second wait before defense blitz, QB can run after the 5 seconds, Velcro single flag pull player is the division config here. My prior seasons I have had some very talented QBs that can throw long distances. This season I have smaller players and none have the arm strength needed to throw a long pass. Without this, my current playbook is very weak as it favored long, accurate pass plays heavily. I do however have a few good set of hands that can receive and some very fast talent for runs and a great group of kids overall. I am looking for 6-8 new plays, 3-4 short pass and 3-4 running plays. I am thinking different formations to throw off the defense. Does anyone have anything that has worked for them that fits this bill?
  8. I am currently coaching a 8-10 year old division, 5 on 5 game with five second wait before defense blitz, QB can run after the 5 seconds, Velcro single flag pull player is down division here. Numerous teams have excellent QB's that can throw accurate long distances. I am experimenting with 2-3, 1-1-3 and 1-3-1 defenses. Our biggest weakness is even after multiple games, scrimmages and practices my players are STILL letting people go behind them. This seems to especially happen when the receivers run between zones and my defenders are not picking up the new opponent in their zone. Can anyone suggest a drill that has worked for them where we can fix this?
  9. Hey there, it went as suspected...we lost by more than a few touchdowns. I used it as a lesson for the kids that you can't win 'em all and that we will redouble our efforts in practice to improve. The switched up Defense did help but they still were able to figure out a way around. Darn good game though and we game it a valiant effort. Thanks for the suggestions guys.
  10. Will, Name of the game is keeping them engaged. Try to look at drills that engage both defense and offense. The less kids you have sitting sidelines and actively engaged, the better the entire team will be come game-day :-)
  11. I am currently coaching a 8-10 year old division, 5 on 5 game with five second wait before defense blitz, QB can run after the 5 seconds, Velcro single flag pull player is down division here. The opposing team is made up of mostly 10 year olds barely making the age cutoff via some draft hijinks and ending up on a single stacked team. My randomly drafted team was the Super Bowl winner last season and I try to draft my kids honestly, I think this kind of coaching they do is horrible as they keep half of the team sitting the bench and rarely let them play. I like to have my kids play in squads and develop skills but am having a hard time doing that when I am facing the same 5 kids who practice 5 days a week in this next game. I realize I may need to play my best and sub out as needed to stay competitive. Even though the coaches play dirty, the opposing QB is a great kid, he is consistently accurate and can throw the length of the field if someone is open...he can do this 9 out of 10 times. He is also good on the run and can squeeze out a pass prior to crossing the LOS. They have 2 very quick kids that can run faster sideways than most of the players can run forward and the other 2 players have good hands and running skills to round out the five. How do I defend against this? I have practiced with zone mostly, using a 1-1-3 and a 2-3 defense. Switching to man-to-man is going to be hard. If I run a 2-3 the coaches are smart enough to send a receiver out between my 2 defensive tackles and deep pass coverage. With the 2-3 I may shutdown their QB but leave a very good receiver open in the short game who can grind me out. If I run a 1-1-3, I let the QB open to running the ball if he beats my single defender and I can promise you now that QB is tough to cover 1 on 1 when he can throw a short pass when cornered.... My "middle-linebacker" has so much area to cover in a 1-1-3 too. How do I defend against this?
  12. I need some advice and a drill on how to teach a QB to not throw into a swarm of defenders. My QB a HUGE arm and is very accurate...problem? I simply cannot seem to get this player to look at where he is throwing and make sure his passing assignment is actually open. There can literally be 3 defensive players on his assignment and I just can't seem to get him to explore alternative options. What can I do? Has anyone had a similar issue and how did you overcome it? Is there a proven drill that I can use in practice to help him overcome this? BTW, there is a 5 second count and then anyone can rush. So we have 5 seconds to get the ball off which is usually plenty of time.
  13. Hey Red, I call it "negative talk" and agree that it's about as toxic as anything you will have to deal with on the field and I can't think of anything harder to overcome as I think the mental aspect is just as important as the physical. I had a team one season that it was a HUGE problem from Game 1 and given the team was one of the least experienced I could tell it was going to be a tough road ahead. By Game 3 we had it nipped in the bud by doing this: 1.) Take a moment and address the team in practice about it and explain WHY negative talk is not allowed. Keep it brief and make sure you have ALL their attention, especially the troublesome ones because that is who you really are addressing without singling them out. 2.) Call or Email the players parents and politely explain the issue and ask that prior to each game they reinforce what you told them in practice. 3.) Keep the players pumped up, if the other team comes up with a big play address each player with a pat on the back and encouragement. They really just need reassurance that everything is going to be okay. I was lucky in that the parents stepped up to the plate and by Game 3 there was not a single ounce of negative talk and in fact the players began to encourage each other. Good Luck!
  14. Quick question, on the Flag and Post routes do you have them angle towards the sideline or center of the field after they make their cut? How many steps do you suggest for the Flag and Post prior to making the cut?
  15. These look good, real good! Thanks Orange, I am definitively going to implement this!
  16. All 3 up front sit directly across the los when they run the 3 up front with the nose guard as the designated rusher making sure the QB does not run after the 5 sec. Otherwise he plays back and splits the back field with the other two in even zones with him (ng) covering the middle zone. Usually its 3 up front however with the 2 DB splitting the field down the middle. If I split a WR out the defensive back will also creep up and play man-to-man on the wr split out for his zone with their denfensive tackle still watching the run for that side. If I send 2 WR to one side, the db for that zone plays up almost man-to-man and the middle DB/NG watches the other if he is playing back or the tackle also is able to watch the other WR I send over too. I am not sure how they communicate that in time which is frustrating. I do roll out with one play to either side with the QB running towards a RB positioned all the way to the sideline almost for a fake handoff. I then either have him pass downfield if they are drawn in OR turn like they are going to pass up field and then turn towards the runner and pass to him on the other side of the field parallel to the los. This has worked to some degree of success. My problem is the QB with the arm is not getting his passes off fast enough to complete a pass downfield after the fake and is not good on the run to pass back to the RB. My other QB is a real good runner/juker, not as much of a arm but alot more intuitive and accurate. It's important to note that the other teams has 1-2 kids playing at all time that are faster than any of the kids on my team. Even when we get a breakaway, I have seen these guys come from one side of the field to the other and run down our fastest player. I also have a play where the RB comes for a fake hand-off while QB is in the pocket from either side. Once that occurs the QB looks to pass deep towards the opposite side of where the runner is completing their fake. The QB then quickly passes the ball to the RB as he is all but forgotten. This play has also had some effect. I have a reverse, double reverse and fake reverse that us useless as well as a statue of liberty run play that works for everyone but them, they just are tough to fool with misdirection. Thanks for the help!
  17. They run a combination of 3 up front and 2 in the back OR 2 up front and 3 in the back.
  18. We are playing an upcoming team on our 5 on 5, 5 second rush delay, 8-9 year old age group. We have played them before and they are simply unstoppable on defense as they are VERY good at staying in their zones...freakishly so (I say this enviously...LOL). Can anyone share any advice or particularly some diversion plays that would help me try to jump start our offense? I basically have one VERY fast, runner that cannot juke well, one set of decent hands with moderate speed and a good scrambler with not a lot of speed. That is the highlight of my team. I have a somewhat effective quarterback with a good arm but poor instincts and results in throwing picks so I am limited with the pass. Thanks in advance!
  19. Perfect, thanks guys! Thanks Chair, that simple rule is something I will implement next game. I have yet to face a man, but its coming in the next few games and that will help...I think for me as a coach I need to start watching the other side a bit more when I do the play calling as you have mentioned, Rob. I seem to get so caught up in how my team is performing with a certain play series that I am missing how the defense reacts to some degree. Thanks, Orange...I am going to draft a variant on some plays I had that were working in the opposite direction...now that I see the play in action I realize that Trips left had everyone (including center) going left for some reason....geez! Thanks Again!
  20. I have a 5 on 5, Ages 8-9 Flag Football team. Our league has a mixture of coaches running man and zone defenses. In your opinion, what is the best routes to run against either of these defenses and why? Also, I have a sample passing tree but really don't know what to tell the kids to run (in steps) for a route. For example, how many steps constitutes a Post vs. a Slant before they make their break? Thanks in advance!
  21. You are 100% correct...I noticed last night in fact that we always drill against a DB and none of the kids actually have a chance to work on their routes as they are always up against a DB. Back to basics...I am going to have them drill and try getting some good routes and the QB throwing properly and then mix in a DB once they have some success. Thanks!
  22. Thanks for the replies, this helps. Our kids are in the 8-9 category. One of the most challenging items I am finding is that besides my son, I have one other player that I had from a previous team. Unfortunately, some of the other teams have played together for a lot of seasons so a fair match up is just not a reality. The squads seemed to work out well as my assistant coach on the sideline only need to assemble the next squad and then we substituted out individual kids if necessary. On defense I think the squads really did the trick...My offense was still just sucking wind though, I mean MAJORLY. I have just one extremely fast runner with good instincts (cutting, spin etc.) and not a single good receiver has come forward. I have two decent QB's but one has some major discipline issues and the other is great at following direction but not much of an arm (although very accurate). What to do? Heading over to the plays thread now to see what I can dig up. Any advice on a similar situation/plays for offense would be great. FYI, I hope I don't sound negative on the kids...each one if very enthusiastic and their parents seem to be very supportive. Thanks Again!
  23. Hello, New to the forum and glad I found it. I am coaching on a boys & girls 5 on 5 velcro flag with 5 second rushing delay team league. Before every game, do you develop a series of play sequences to try for the game or is there any good suggestions on how to best probe the defense? I have two "squads" for both offense and defense this season with players we think complimented each other as best as possible and assigned positions to each player based on their strengths. My question is do you cycle out the squads equally and run the same plays to see how they perform within the squad as well as against the defense or what? Frankly, I have never had to go to this extreme (squads/positions etc.) to get a team to jive and am worried I may be over-complicating it. The last few years I basically would draw up a few plays catering to the kids strengths mix them in and out in positions and all in all had great seasons with the kids having a great time. This time around I have some really fresh talent for lack of a better term and can't seem to pull the team together. Would love to hear suggestions from anyone. Thanks in advance for your help!
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