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  1. We are trying to implement motion out of a balanced offense ( 5 on 5 ); however, it seems to get blown up in the backfield when the defense rushes. Any thoughts or tips on how to successfully implement a motion or some alternatives that are just as effective ?
  2. jbyars

    Spring 2011 Playbook 10U 5On5

    Thanks I appreciate it. The practice agenda is more of a checklist of what we try and accomplish over the season. The more volunteers and asst. coaches I have the faster we can get through the drills. We break them up into groups of 3 kids. The agenda also helps should I not be available one practice.
  3. Coaches, I've uploaded an example of our Spring 2011 Playbook. This is the most recent revision but obviously still needs some work. You'll notice each position has a color, shape, and number. This allows the kids to catch on faster during practice. It also confuses defenses by allowing 3 different calls (color, shape, number) for the same play. In addition you can call an audible color should a receiver come open. Lastly we sometimes will call 2 colors for a HB pass. (i.e. Balanced-Purple-Red-Go). Bear in mind most of these plays and information has been gathered through this forum. All I did was modify some of the plays for 10U and add the color, shape scheme. Thanks to all who helped provide the plays. Let me know your thoughts. JB 2011 Spring Flag Plays.ppt