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  1. AWILDCAT312

    Sweep Most Of The Time?

    Skullspitter, Hey. I am fairly new to the football coaching scene myself, seeing as I have been primarily involved in Basketball, and have only been involved in football these last couple of years, so I feel your pain. The answer to your question from my youth football experience, at the younger ages any way is that, yes, the sweep does often rule. At least that has been my experience in our league. Do the teams run up the middle? Yes, at times. This year with our 7-8 yr. old team we are adding to our plays the FB dive, counter, and most teams have the QB keeper. Some run the reverse. While the reverse is lethal to a defense in youth F-ball, we have noticed that it is not always easy to master with our kids. But these are some ideas. As far as defense goes, if you can stop the sweep in youth football you have a chance at winning. The reason why the middle(1-6 holes) are so hard to run is that at this age the kids just seem to pile up and clog the running lanes so much. So on defense we have overloaded our outside in a very spread 6-2 with only four down linemen and our DE's two yards off TE. It is making life miserable for those teams who depend upon the sweep. But, yes it is surely good to teach other plays besides the sweep. As far as the sweep not helping them learn...if your kids are working to block, tackle, and learning to read the plays on D, and understand the plays on Offense then you are gonna be just fine. Hope this helps! Best of Luck! Tim My link
  2. AWILDCAT312

    What Would You Do?

    By the way you DO have time outs remaining. Sorry about that, I should have specified. Good answer Johnp2! Anyone else?
  3. AWILDCAT312

    What Would You Do?

    Hello All, I don't really have a question necessarily. I was just sitting around thinking about something and I wanted to see what your input would be. I am asking this just to see what kind of varying opinions, ideas, and/or strategies concerning this. Thought it would be interesting so here goes: You are coaching and it is late in the ball game. The score is back and forth. With five seconds left to go the other team scores to put them up by one. Because there is so much time you know that they do not want to give you an easy look at the basket, so they opt to set up in a full-court man/denial press. You have to get the ball the length of the court, and need a very good shot. What do you do? Tim, www.simply-youth-basketball.com
  4. AWILDCAT312

    Man Vs Zone

    Hey guys I am myself a fan of the M2M defense. And I think that if a person has the practice time and the talent it is good at a youth age. Some will say that you should run man at the youth level because it teaches kids early on the principles of the Man. I have coached Youth Basketball for several years at anywhere from 8 to 13 year olds, and know that you can teach good M2M principles out of a zone, while making it a ton easier on youth players. We play in a very competitive youth league where Zone or Man is permissible, and the press is allowed in 10 year old and above. If a team runs strictly a man to man in our league, they will be thumped royally. Man defense all the time is for strictly non-competitive leagues. One good player will beat your himself if you aren't very good at it. And we all know at the youth level few are. You just don't have the time it takes to teach the full scope of man. We have run a 2-3, a 1-2-2, and even a Diamond-1(great defense), and have had winning seasons every year. The 2-3 is my choice, it works well with youth. I do agree that your players need to be aggressive tho, otherwise nothing will work, especially a zone. Tim simply-youth-basketball.com
  5. I tend to agree with some of the other coaches here. It's very tough for a kid, no matter how good to practice day in and day out year round. They have got to have the opportunity to just be kids. No matter their talent. At eight years old, it is hard to tell what a kid is going to be like ten years down the road. There are many variables which come into play. I have had kids who were studs at 8-9, who worked hard every year after, and for one reason or the other (i.e. physical development, coaching, burning out, etc.), turned out to be inferior later to kids I thought then weren't going to be that good. 8 years old, unless a kid is very very special is too soon to be developing a superstar syndrome. The kid simply needs a break, and needs to choose those few things he likes to do best. And his parents as well as himself needs to allow him to do that. One or two sports is enough. The more he does, eventually the more he will begin to lack in the ones he excels at. I think you are doing right by trying to help him figure it out. Wish you and him the best Coach! Thanks.
  6. AWILDCAT312

    New Defensive Coach Wants Input!

    Thanks Gentlemen: I suppose at times we would be in a 6-2 based on the way I would like to run this. It would really just depend on where I line my LB's and my DE's up at any given time. I was honestly looking at giving a little bit in the middle and overloading the outs with my DEs, LBs, and Corners, basically setting up my DEs a shade outside TEs and having four d-linemen in gaps, with my LB's playing the gap between my ends and corners, but a little bit back off the line so that they have ability to move to the middle or the outside. So depending on how far in or out they lined up it could be a 6-2 I suppose. It worked well last year, but this is a little higher level this season coming. Thanks again guys. Keep the info coming!
  7. AWILDCAT312

    New Defensive Coach Wants Input!

    Thanks a lot for the input.I really appreciate the help. I liked the idea of the gap 8(almost a 10-1, or 7-3 at times), because at the age we're coaching in the league, up the middle is very rare. I want to stop the sweep. But I would love to run a more common defensive formation like you spoke of if i can. I guess it depends on what kind of athletes I have show up. Thanks again!
  8. AWILDCAT312

    New Defensive Coach Wants Input!

    Hello Everyone, I got wrangled into helping coach my son's 5-6 yr old football team last season. I was then basically volunteered involuntarily to be the defensive coach about three games into the season. Of the other four coaches none seemed comfortable in doing it. The last half of the season we gave up less points than any other team in the league, except for the eventual conference champions. But we still lost all of our game's late because of turnovers. Our defense averaged playing almost three quarters of each game because our offense stank. My problem is, is that they have asked me to do it again this year for the 7-8 yr old's, and up until last year all I had ever done was watch football. I never played and learned the inner workings of the game, let alone thought of teaching it to anyone. I have been a basketball coach fro several years and have had a good bit of success, but I came into this without a clue. I don't want to cheat these young men out of opportunity because of my lack of knowledge-it isn't fair to them. I do know how to coach kid's, just not in this format. I have been doing some major research for months now learning everything I can about the game before this season rolls around, but I would appreciate any input some of you veteran's might have. I am leaning toward running a variation of the gap-8, because of it's simplicity, talent level of offenses at this age, and also because we play in a predominantly run oriented conf where the sweep reigns supreme. I know from my basketball experience that the simpler the better, and more effective for kids this age. I only plan on having two or probably three defensive sets out of this gap 8, and am planning to limit the shifting to only a select few players that possess the skill and intelligence. Please tell me what you think. Thanks!
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