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  1. mycoachonline

    A Quick Start Guide

    This video has been kind of at the bottom of the pile for years and recently I realized it's a great Quick Start Guide: http://www.mycoachonline.com/football/basic-football-techniques.lasso http://www.mycoachonline.com/football/offensive-line.lasso
  2. We've updated the free football drills here (http://www.mycoachonline.com/free/). Remember to use our "people groups" to share your favorite drills with fellow coaches, athletes and parents!
  3. It's getting time to start prepping for the new season and here are some great running back drills every coach should have at his disposal. http://www.mycoachonline.com/football/drills-for-runningbacks.lasso
  4. mycoachonline

    Youth Defensive Line Counter Moves

    I know time can be limited, but you can pick the techniques you want your kids to know from http://www.mycoachonline.com/football/defensive-line.lasso then at least have them watch how you want it done, then try to work on the techniques at practice a little bit.
  5. I'll throw my favorite in...partly because it is mine and partly because I get good feedback and people seem to like it. http://www.mycoachonline.com Lot's of instructional video, you can share it with other coaches. You can use the free team website feature to do team website stuff and share your favorite videos with your team members and parents.
  6. mycoachonline

    Baseball Defensive Strategies

    We have Coach Polk's Baseball Playbook which covers everything you could ever want to know about baseball, including all the situations at mycoachonline.com and baseballplaybook.com