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  1. New Season Of Tackle Approaching

    I certainly appreciate both of your replies. Like i have said in some previous posts I am new to coaching in this particular area, and how they run things here. So I am looking forward to the challenges ahead. What I am trying to do is take all the knowledgs that I have accumulated and I am also remembering what I had always liked in some of my favorite coaches. In any sport, and hopefully let it transpire in my own coaching. I deffinitely do not want to be a yeller/screamer I have had those too..lol. And I definitely do not think at 10 - 12 years old that would benefit anyone. And more then likely it will probably make them quit. This is a new age for me to coach football, so I think that is where I may have the most trouble. I do not want to overload them with info, yet i do not want to be too easy on them either.
  2. Coming Up Fall Football

    I actually forgot about this post I just made a post really similar in another spot. Thank you for your reply, yes it is coming up very soon. We are having a coaches "practise" tomorrow and next sunday where the high school is basically going to show us what they expect from there players and we should be introducing similar philosophies to ours. I am going to need to find hopefully 2 good asst coaches. A team mom, and i think that is it as far as the running of the team goes. We have a combine next week then we have a draft. This is ran much different then where i coached before they take it very serious so i am looking forward to it. Again any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. New Season Of Tackle Approaching

    With a new season of tackle approaching very quickly I had a few questions I want to ask anyone that would like to respond. I am in a leage that takes football very seriously especially the age group i am in 10 to 12 year olds. They want us to already begin introducing the kids to plays and defensive philosophy of the high school. 4-4 defense, we are having a coaches meeting at the high school tomorrow (sunday). To go over drills etc.. What I am wondering is how do you guys go about determing a good asst coach? Offensive/ defensive and special teams coach. I am going to need a team mom, really just any tips would definitely be appreciated when it comes to coaching a successful team. Thanks everyone and look forward to the replies.
  4. Coming Up Fall Football

    Now that spring flag football is over with, now comes the real fun. Well imo anyway. Our fall registration starts this weekend. With the fall combine coming up in about a month. What are some suggestions, or anything to coaching 11 to 12 year olds in youth tackle football. What do you guys look for when drafting kids that age. As far as recommendations on who you would draft first, second , etc.. etc.. Looking forward to hearing from you guys. Here is a copy of our upcoming schedule. What would you guys suggest in how to handle this type of schedule. Any input is appreciated!! High School Football Camp (At High School Football Fields) Coaches Clinic (MANDATORY FOR ALL head coaches) July 12-15 9am – 11am July 11th 2pm – 6pm July 18th 2pm – 6pm FIRST WEEK OF PRACTICE (Will practice together as a league by age groups) July 19-22nd 6pm-7:30pm COMBINE (at BD Cadet Football Fields) July 24th Draft July 25th First week of practice with individual teams July 26th-July 29th Jamboree at Ben Davis High School July 31st from 9 AM – approx. 3PM Second week of practice August 2-5 1st Game August 7
  5. Some Help On 8 On 8

    Well this is sort of a update to how our season is going. We do not look good at all. We have just tied one game, and i understand that is isnt about winning. But our "head coach" makes it completely about winning. He yells at the kids, we have fewer and fewer people show up every practice/game. Our quarterback today was so upset he was actually crying. He got yelled at by his dad, and by the coach. Then the head coach said he just isnt good enough to be a quarterback. But what is frustrating to me is once again he refuses to run plays, we have no defensive sets. We play backyard football and its apparent the other team is actually practicing. I suppose i have to look forward to fall football, and tackle. And now i know how NOT to coach a football team. My thing now is what can i do to keep the kids attitudes positive.
  6. Some Help On 8 On 8

    Well first of all it is deffinitely frustrating, I should be head coaching tackle for the kids during the fall. So I am trying to make the best out of what i got just for a couple more weeks. And yes he is very similar to the coach you mentioned he has the kids just line up, and then he tells them to run a hitch, run a post, run a fade etc..etc.. in the huddle. Most of the time i think what takes so long is because of how he runs his practises they dont really understand what he is telling them to do. The bad thing is he was the all star team coach, and the travel team coach as well. From what the head of the league told me is he is use to coaching more experienced players who he really can just let them go at it. Without even coaching them. (Which explains why i guess they only won like 1 game last year.) Also like i said Sunday was the first time i ran a practise, i did manage to get in some plays, and actually ran some drills. I felt things went very well and the kids actualy seemed to have fun. But when he comes back Wednedsday for the game i would be surprised if once again he even uses plays for the game. I have asked him several times if he would like plays, or would like to use my white board in the huddles, and his reply is there is no need for that. And no we dont have a play clock, but we do have a game clock so what happens is when he takes 3 minutes in the huddle it cuts down actual game time for the kids to even play, and i think everyone is complaining. Like i said our game is wednedsday, and i will see how things go then and btw thank you very much for the plays i tried to incorporate a few of them into practise, and i felt like the kids picked it up pretty well.
  7. Just thought i would discuss my thoughts on the usa youth football clinic at the colts complex in indianapolis. If anyone has a chance to attend one of these it is a deffinite MUST GO!! The hardest part was me being out of shape and running 8 hours of football drills...lol. Yes it was not just talking, you actually ran the drills yourselves. Which imo as hard as it is like they said at the camp, you can't just say to your youth players drop in your 3 point stance, or 4 point stance. Or how to reach block, angle tackle, and all the other nuiances that come with coaching football if you cant do them yourself. Which made definite since to me. Full of some great speakers, coaches from all over attended and there was over 300 coaches that were there. So if you have a chance for only 40 dollars trust me it is worth its weight in gold the knowledge you obtain. Oh just be prepared to work your !@@ off, lol. I felt like i was back in school again...haha
  8. Some Help On 8 On 8

    Well like i said on a previous post, my problem i am having is as a assistant i am kind of stuck with my hands tied. Our head coach does not run plays and does not practise defense at all. He just wings it during games, believe me i do not agree with this philosophy at all. We actually had the head of the league talk to us about how long it is taking us in the huddles pre snap. I am going to be heading practise sunday because he will not be there. I hope to make it as productive as possible in a short period of time without overwhelming them. We are part of one of the youth leagues of one of the biggest high schools in the state. Trust me they take football extremely serious. Also the strange thing about our league is they basically ask the coaches how many people u are going to run with. So there isnt even a set amount of players. The flag program imo is very frustrating. It just is not organized like i feel it should be. Anyway i deffinitely appreciate the plays, if you can think of any tips at all i would deffinitely love to hear them... Oh and yes you can screen block, but you have to give the defender a yard, it is very similar to setting a pick in basketball. Or how you would block in basketball if that makes any since.
  9. Some Help On 8 On 8

    Ok i know its short notice but like i had stated in a few of my other posts, the commisioner of our league said something to the head coach about spending too much time in the huddle because he didnt have any plays. Well luckily sunday i am heading practise by myself with help from a friend. I am hoping to work on grabbing the flag, some defensive sets. But what i need to work on as well are offensive plays. This is pretty short notice for the kids since they have not ran any "plays" at all so far. I would like to work on at least 4 plays sunday, it will be 8 on 8 quarter back cant rush and no one can rush the quarterback. I have some of the plays that were posted by some other people but they are geared towards 5 on 5. Also i dont know if it is enough time to work on plays like end arounds or anything tricky. We have a very speedy runner/receiver i think our 2 quarterbacks have alot of potential. And a couple other kids with previous experience. If anyone has any ideas for some plays that would possibly be successful i would deffinitely appreciate it. Oh btw the team we play will play man to man defense. I am pretty sure they will key on our fastest player because he scored 3 touchdowns against them our first game. I know i posted this in the wrong place so not sure if someone can actually move it to the correct spot or not.
  10. Zone Defense Question

    I see where you're coming from. I wasn't happy with my son's coach a couple of years ago (and he was a lot better coach than it sounds like you're dealing with), and that is how I became a head coach myself. The bottom line is you have to practice your plays over and over again to be able to run them correctly in a game. The teams that are the most succesful are the ones that do that, and not only offensive plays. Coaching is teaching, and so you have to explain to the kids where you want them to be, and what their responsibilities are on every play. I would still vocalize your opinions if your son is playing on the team. Everyone's (coaches and parents, and especially coaches/assistant coaches) opinions are valid, and should be considered. If he has a good reason to run things the way he does have him explain it to you. If not, see if he'll try it your way for awhile. Well his reasoning for running things the way he does is because he says we dont have enough time. Which imo we have 1 hour which yes it isnt alot of time but i feel its enough to atleast teach fundamentals. We lost this past game 28 to 14 , the head of the league actually talked to him saying the other team complained about how much time we spent in the huddle. And he even told him he needed plays. His reply was if he ran plays it would take even longer. He wont practise defense at all so none of the kids really know or understand how to grab the flag or run any sort of defensive sets. Luckily i will be heading the practise sunday because we have a bye so hopefully i can atleast get some sort of plays and defensive sets in. Hopefully i will be able to work on the kids being able to grab the flag and angle tackling.
  11. Zone Defense Question

    Well we had our first game sunday we tied 21 to 21 in the very last play with no time left with about a 30 yard touch down pass hail mary style play, it was a great game. My problem i am having which kind of puts my hands tied is since i am just the assistant. The head coach and myself have really different views. The head coach really is not organized at all. He doesnt practise any plays, doesnt run a defense. He just kind of shows up 5 minutes before the game and about comes late to the practises. We had 3 to 4 people extra on the field almost every time. Luckily i was on the sidelines to keep letting them know we had too many men on the field. We dont really practise defense at all, which is the reason it was even tied. We couldnt really grab flags at all. He basically said everyone grab a man and just go at it. I guess its not much i can really do in this situation cept sit back and watch. I am hopefully going to be a head coach for fall tackle football.
  12. Zone Defense Question

    Ok well I just found out the other day that we are actually going to be playing 7 on 7, but apparently it will be up to the coaches at game time if we want to play 8 on 8 so everyone can play. With this being said, I was really preparing for 5 on 5 and running a 3 2 zone or 2 3 zone. Now that it is 7 on 7, not quite sure what to play. I like the idea of leaving 1 person kind of roaming and daring them to throw deep. So I thought maybe some sort of 3 4 zone with 1 deep playing like a free safety or something that would roam? Any ideas or suggestions. This is my first year as a assistant, but I am hoping to be a head coach for the fall league which is tackle. They have a good system in place based on points and who gets to be head coach of the fall league. They encourage you to attend schools, meetings, etc..etc.. all these give you more points. Looking forward to reading replies.
  13. Zone Defense Question

    Snowman, I think it really depends on what kind of zone defense you are running. Of course the idea behind a zone defense is that the kids cover an area of the field rather than be responsible for a certain individual, so they zone you run will determine which kids cover which parts of the field. For example if you're running a 2-1-2 zone, then one of the back 2 would cover the go route, and one of the front 2 would cover the flat. If you're running a 3-1-1 then one of the outside front 3 would cover the flat and the deep safety would cover the go route. As Orange likes to say, every zone has it's weakness, so you have to choose the one that will best stop what you are facing. Thanks alot for the fast reply. My main concern is really in running a zone i know alot of zone defenses i have seen on here so far was almost always with some sort of rush envolved. Which deffinitely makes since because it doesnt give the quarterback time to just sit back in the pocket and throw. But when we arent allowed to rush the quarterback I was just worried that the zone may not work in my particular case. I guess im just kind of over reactiing I think since this is my first year as a asst. coach/ and in charge of the defense.
  14. What Sized Football?

    I would think the lack of consistency with ball size could be adressed with the commisioner. I would think that would be a issue the commisioner of the league would want solved. I know in our first practise they gave us a pee wee football to use( did not realize we needed our own footballs) And everyone complained about how small the ball felt, being they should use youth sized footballs.
  15. What Sized Football?

    I am going to be asst coaching 11 to 12 year olds and they are telling us they are going to be using youth sized footballs. Hopefully it doesnt switch come game time.