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  1. I should add they typically line up with two tight ends Full House back field with lots of misdirection in the backfield, counters and traps and leads.
  2. Playing a team this week that has had success most of the season running behind pulling guards. We tell our defensive lineman to follow the pulling guards. It should take them to the ball carrier. But this team is good at making it happen very very quickly. I'm thinking we should have our linebackers react very hard and very fast to the pull and target the back end of the pulling guard and look for the ball carrier right behind him on every time they pull. We run a 4 4 and we also run a 5-3. Wondering if anybody has an opinion on how to best defend against this. Thank you.
  3. Some things I do to foster “team” cohesiveness: Before the game, we go on the field together as a team, in single file behind the coach (me). After the game, we come off the field together in the same manner and walk past where the parents are sitting. The parents cheer the “team” as they walk by. We do a team “hands in” cheer (1, 2, 3, GO {fill in your team name here}) before the game, at halftime before the start of the second half, and after the game. We also do it after practice. I rotate which kid gets to yell out the “1, 2, 3.” They are only 6 years old, and they all want to be chosen for it.
  4. Welcome to the forums. You're in for Herding Cats 101. Your topic description says 6-6 yr olds, thinking you meant 6-7 yr olds? Are you going to be the head coach or just offer help to the head coach? Everyone should get a chance to carry the ball. I'd suggest tracking ball touches, have a mom or dad do that during a game and remind the coach who needs ball touches. Defense = zone, maybe a 3-2? Tell them to swarm the guy with the ball like a bunch of angry bees after someone messed with their nest. You'll need to keep the practice moving, avoid long lines, and make it fun. Use their names constantly so you start to remember them. Encourage them a lot. Come up with a goofy team name if the league will let you. Come up with a cheer and get all the parents/kids together at end of practice and before games to do the cheer. I've attached some sample drills. Drills_Plays_4-6_yos.doc Awesome! Thanks! My typo was that the kids are 5-6 years of age. I'm starting to feel better about this already.
  5. Actually, I'm just planning on helping when/where I can. First practice Thursday night. What do I do? Have them run so I can see who is fastest and should carry the ball? Have them throw to see who can throw/catch? Can't really see much passing happening at this age. What can I do for an hour or so to keep their attention, and make some progress? Shall I draw some plays up? Will they even "get it" at this age? Shall I scrimmage some? Zone defense? Man? My 6 year old has the attention span of a, well, a 6 year old. I imagine the rest are about the same. What am I in for?
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