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    12-15 Year Old Plays

    That is how the league has been for three years I think originally due to numbers. This year I am league director so looking to change the age brackets to make more fair in my opinion. Most years each age group is lucky to have a couple qb's capable of really running an offense that is really wide open. In past I have run conservative short passing offense that are high percentage but thinking after 12 should be able to open it up. Any specific ideas?
  2. Any ideas on plays for 12-15 yo 5 on 5 flag? Not sure how advanced should make plays. Over past 4 years with younger ages kept pretty simple. Is it best to continue that or will 12 yo's playing with 15's be able to handle advanced plays while getting matched up with 15's? We can pitch, backward passes allowed, 7 yard rush.
  3. Just to update. Game was postponed due to issue with number of refs that week so played today and kids did great. Played 2-3 and 1-1-3 and shut down their crossing routes and had their QB on his heels most of game and gave up only 1 offensive TD late when pulled top players and let kids who generally play up front in our defense play safety and had them playing RB etc for the fourth quarter and won 33-13 but easily could have ended up with 40+ if kept starters in the game so thanks for input on defense.
  4. Game coming up age 10-11 with kid with great arm. Team seems to like to run a lot of crossing routes and hit the out routes primarily. Watched team get beat on those throws for 3 scores Saturday. He runs them out of trips,twins or balanced formations. On defense we run 2-2-1, 1-1-3 and occasionally 2-1-2 this year. Which would work best. Want to rush him frequently as in past years was able to rattle him but he has much better coaching this year and are getting ball out much quicker and we moved rush line to 10 yards instead of 7 so he has extra time.