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  1. Coach Dykhoff

    Scared At The Plate

    First thing you need to do is figure out what is driving the fear. Is the player scared at the plate because he is afraid of getting hit by the pitch (Physical Stressor) or is he scared because he doesn't want to let down the team by striking out swinging (Emotional Stressor). By no means do I have a psychology degree, but I have noticed in youth sports most problems either stem from a Physical or Emotion stressor. Once you find out which group each of your players fall into you will be ale to fix the problem. If you player falls into the "Physical Stressor" group you will need to work on their fundamentals to get them confident in their playing ability. The other repliers to this thread gave good drills to assist with this problem. If you would like more drills to assist with this feel free to private message me and I will send some material your way. Now if you player falls into the "Emotional Stressor" group I would recommend you to read: CLICK HERE. This is a good article on how do deal with a player with emotional fears. This is a very touchy subject for someone that does not have a psychology degree but you can do your best to assist you player in copeing with this fear. I hope this helps.
  2. Coach Dykhoff

    First Base Feet Placement

    Setup: Stretch: This is very dangerous because if for some reason the throw is on you throwing side, behind you, and you have your glove side on the bag it will be hard to turn across your body. With the age group of your players and the throwing ability of them I would suggest you teach them to always use the throwing side foot on the bag and to not stretch until thhey know where the ball is going. Here is a very good website to help with firstbase fundamentals:QCBaseball - Firstbase
  3. Coach Dykhoff

    Head First Slide

    I also think that in any Little League sanctioned event there should be no head first sliding. I don't believe at that age the players can properly learn the head first slide and most coaches wouldn't teach it anyway. The only problem that I have is in my 13-14 Senior League we have the same rule of not being able to slide head first unless retreating back to the bag. I have the philosophy that at ages 13 and 14 you are very close to playing High School baseball and the kids should be learning what they are getting theirselves into. Our primary responsibility as coaches is to teach players to transfer to the next level (In my own opinion). Why can I not teach my players how to head first slide at the ages of 13 and 14 when they will be required to know how to do it when they get into Junior Varsity in High School. Can someone please tell me if I have a valid complaint on my situation.