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  1. Ok. Yeah we actually might go Mililani now cause two of my flag football boys are gonna go there with my son. One is the headband boy. Thanks good luck to you guys too/
  2. Tiny mite? How old is your son? The fee is about $350-400. Yeah PC was cheaper if I remember correctly.
  3. Salt Lake ah. Really hoped we would have had another shot at them. My son was asked by two JPW coaches for their team, Waipio and PC. But the coach at Highlands is really good so I might leave him there. Good luck on the tourney
  4. This next season were staying in I9. After this my son is playing Pop Warner so we wont be back till the winter season. To me, NFL is a little more competitive, but traveling was too much for me and I9 was more convenient to where I live. Plus I have a daughter that played this year for the first time so we wanted her in a more friendly atmosphere which is i9. What team are you on now? Are u in u10? Look me up, where gonna be at Kailua this week for the tournament.
  5. I was there at the game and your team was pretty impressive. If I remember correctly you have a quick kid with a headband. He hella fast. Well good luck with the rest of your season 808. Yeah thats one of my aces. Great kid, shifty feet, and has great vision. This isnt my team, Im just helping the coach out on defense. Next season a friend and I put a team together. Watch out for this team. Well, we lost again this past Sunday, 3/13/11. My defense only gave up two points. However the offense threw two pick sixes. Ended up losing 14-12. Pretty disgusted. But I know my defense is hitting its stride.
  6. Im the same as you,John. Only in dangerous weather, cause the kids gotta know how to play with a wet ball and not the ideal conditions. But in Hawaii at this time of year its pretty bad. One time we had forty days of straight rain. Its such freak nature here that you almost need to have an alternate day.
  7. Yeah get parent feed back. I personally dont like Fridays on ly cause if it rains then your screwed. If practice is on another day say Thurs and it rains then u can always move it to Friday. Friday rains and its hard to tell parents meet on saturday.
  8. If you blitz it puts a lot of pressure on the QB, true. But it also puts a lot of pressure on the defense. My theory is five of my guys should cover four of yours. Plus, Ive seen year in and year out blitzers get juked and all it does is give the receiver more time to seperate. Its rough playing in a zone with guys thats just scrambling to get open and its even more difficult playing man unless you can match up talent wise. Also, if you find the teams that pass quick theyre gonna pick your defense apart by attacking holes where ur blitzer just was. IMO, the risk isnt worth the reward. This year I converted to a man zone scheme. Its based off a zone concept as far as watching a area on the field but once a man enters it, ur locked on. Then the extra 5th guy is a floater that looks for anyone that got beat and covers for him or if theres two players in one zone he would help out.
  9. We won this past week 18-8. Switched up some kids on D and simplified it for them. No rushing the whole game, played mostly zone.
  10. We play for central Oahu. Central Oahu includes kids from Pearl City, Aiea, Mililani, Ewa Beach, Wahiawa, Waipahu etc. Where r u moving to? Theres a Central, East, and twon divisions. Check out the I9 hawaii website.. thx
  11. First loss yesterday 19-28. My defense didnt show up, I was very disappointed with their effort. Missed assignments, not running hard, losing contain, etc. Overall, just a bad game. Possibly my worst ever coaching.
  12. If your kids can handle it, then Im all for it. GL on your tournament. Also, USE YOUR QB! A QB, able to run, is one of the deadliest weapons in flag football. If you want to see a version of the option run work check out this youtube video of my old team last year. Since our QB cant run we need to hand it off then run the option read. Were the red team.
  13. If its reading the play, my advice is for you to tape your games. Preferably from the endzone looking to the other endzone from a elevated position. Something like Madden, that way you can see the whole field and how your offense and their defense align. From there, you and your son watch the tape and you can point out who he has to read etc. During the game, write down the plays you called so you know what plays you ran while watching the tape. My son had difficulty reading plays when he first started at QB and a lot of it was because the coach didnt teach him how to read. He was shown a play on paper and the coach told him to throw it to "X". Period, no reading, it was a pre determined pass regardless of the defense. After watching the tape he seen guys wide open and I explained to him how a simple read couldve seen that. A great example read is for him to read the blitzing player and at this age more times than not theyre gonna show it pre snap. Not only will it tell him where the pressure is coming from, you also know theres gonna be a void where he just blitz from so you have a "window" If you have a WR running into that area, thats your read. One of the most simplest reads that have huge advantages for a QB. GL bro, this is all coaching from here. Your QB has the talent and arm, he just needs to be coached well and how to read the defense.
  14. First, what age are your players? I dont know how much help I could be as my league doesnt allow QBs to run. However heres some of my thoughts. First off, USE YOUR QB, since he can run thats a HUGE advantage for the offense. IMO, you should incorporate some option read into your playbook. Ive attached one play I have which should be run against a 3-2 or 2-1-2 defense. In my play the QB is the decision maker. He needs to read the right side of the field. First how the defense aligns then the middle defender. Your gonna have a 4 on 3 advantage as its your WR, Center, RB, and QB against their middle, cb, and safety. First, if there aligned like my example your gonna read the middle defender over center. Both your Qb and RB pull right. If the middle man crashes on your QB you option to the RB. If he crashes on your RB, Qb keep. If hes in a position where he can get to both, dump it off to your center whos running a hook right where he was before he pursued your QB and RB. Your left wide out runs a streak to take out the corner or/and safety. Your right WR, runs a post where the void will be if the safety crashes down which is one of the ways they can stuff the run. However if they bring their safety up, you have a one on one with your WR on the right side. Another way to stop it is to pinch your CB in, if they do that then make ur WR run the post inside the safety and hit him in stride towards the middle of the field which should be open especially if the other side safety takes the left WR streak. kind of hard to put into words how it works, hopefully you get the idea. Whats great is essentially you have 4 plays out of one formation so your team doesnt need to learn four plays. they only learn one and your Qb is the one that needs to read, learn and adjust. Which brings me to my next pt, 30 plays is rough for kids to comprehend depending on age. If you had practice everyday for months like regular football you can, but one to two practices a week its gonna be difficult. I would rather have limited plays that your team runs well, rather than alot of plays that the kids dont really know how to execute. Its much different drawing it out on paper than how the kids execute it on the field. You cant put alignment, timing, route running on paper. They need to practice the play repeatedly so they know where to go to open up holes. Hope that helps GL. option read.ppt
  15. Your playbook looks great. Lots of misdirection and your passing spreads out the field. Only problem is your QB situation. 3-5 yd passes wont cut it in U10. Is it accuracy issues or strength issues? Im guessing accuracy cause at U10 they should be able to chuck it down field. If its accuracy you gotta just keep working him/her or try other kids out and see what they can do. Ur offense has to be able to stretch the field, even if they dont complete it the threat has to be there. Speed is HUGE in flag, but if you cant spread out the defense then speed is a non factor as a disciplined defense will bottle him up. Plus the other team is gonna bring their defense to the line after you keep running it, then it compounds your problem cause it takes away your short passing game as well. Theres nothing wrong with your plays, you need a better QB that can threaten the downfield pass and spread the defenders out. After you do that, your speed will take over as the field will be wide open. Another thing you can use is spread out the field wide and use quick passes ala Green Bay. Their short passes but quick which allows you to hit the holes before the defense reacts and closes them. Quick slant, quick streak, bubble to the flat. If you spread out the field, the defense needs to spread and their willbe windows between defenders. Its gonna be quick before the defense moves and closes them. Hit one of your speedsters in the seam and let him go. I really like your cross left/right except I would make my slot WR run a streak. That crossing pattern takes time to develop and at one pt your gonna have two kids in one spot so its easy to defend. Itll work against man coverage but not zone which is what most teams run. If theyre playing tight, which I assume they are cause u run alot, make your slot WR run a streak right pass the middle defender and tell your QB to read the middle defender. Hes gonna be in a zone all alone with three options in his area. He has two streaks just outside of him to the center and WR, plus a Wr slanting into his zone. If he peels off to cover the streak, then the quick slant underneath to your rb should be there or a quick shot to your center. If the middle defender sits, then look for a pass over his head to the streaking WR down the seam in the middle. Back to your QB, if he isnt the most athletic, or gifted throwing deep, how is he intellectually? Is he smart, do you think can he read defenses? My son plays Qb sometimes, doesnt have the best arm strength, fairly accurate on short passes, but he knows football and can read defenses and that makes a ton of difference. If your QB isnt the most gifted athletically, try and test his mind and knowledge. Teach him to read the defense instead of a predetermined receiver he needs to throw too. I see a lot of coaches tell their QBs to throw to X, or Y regardless of if hes covered or not. Qb is gonna throw to X cause thats how it was planned up although Y is wide open and a simple read of the defense couldve caught that.
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