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  1. Hi All, My first post as I just found the site while searching for information. I am a 2nd year coach for 5 on 5 flag football with no quarter back runs and passing for 8-9 year old boys/girls. We run a 3-2 defense with 1/2 and 1/2 blitzes throughout. No matter what we do our defense can not pull flags... It seems we are in the right position but the flags do not get pulled. Is there a better defense to run for a team that is not pulling flags well?? maybe a 2 - 3 or even a 1 - 4? Our team ranges from very fast to not so fast but we have some really good players. Offense is not a problem but we just had a team score 8 TD's on us with no problems. All endzone to endzone stuff.... It is very frustrating!! Any help you could provide would be greatly appricated. Thanks Coach.
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