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  1. AWESOME advice and thank you. I love the idea of having the kids play the same position and simply rotating the plays around so they all get a chance to run with the ball. I do have to rotate three kids in each play but I can figure that out. I am lucky as the 4-year old on our team doesn't want to run with the ball so there is our center . Our league does not allow QB's to run with the ball so I'll have to rotate that out as well. I am just sensitive that all the kids have fun and learn a thing or two...to your point, I could care less how many touchdowns we get or if we win or lose. Thanks Johnp2!!!!
  2. All - First year flag football coach for 4, 5 and 6-year olds (my team is mainly 4 and 5-year olds). We only get 1-hour of practice time before we play two games immediately after practice. I really need help with the best drills, games, etc... to teach the kids the concept of offense and defense. Our first practice and games were rough and no one had a clue even after I thought we taught them. I attempted a practice plan and followed it but didn't seem to help (I know it was only the first day but sensitive as I want the kids to learn and have fun) I've read a ton of posts on this forum (this forum is great by the way and thank you to all who participate by answering people’s topics) so looking for your most basic advice. THANK YOU!!! Bob Lanham Michigan Youth Flag Football Head Coach
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