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  1. A couple of things.. - Keep them busy! - I dont spend more than 15 minures at a time on anything, I might run the same drill twice but i'll run other drills before going back to it. I rotate drills every 10-15 minutes no matter what, it keeps them on their toes and focused. - HELPers - You can never have enough, just make sure they are all on the same page. Alot of time parents are affraid to step up because they dont want you to feel like they are stepping on on your toes. - Split Squad - Split squad is AWESOME, if you have the numbers and the helpers split squad is the way to go. The kids get double the reps, practice is far more efficient and you can always run squad vs squad drills/competitions. Lastly - Browse the site, This site covers anything and everything you may run into in any situation, There are thousands of collective years of coaching expierence here.
  2. KWILSON512

    Flag Pulling

    In 1 on 1 flag drills I sometimes tell a kid that likes to reach or dive at ball carriers that he isnt allowed to pull a flag, i'll make him put his hands on his side and slow the runner down by getting in front of him.
  3. KWILSON512

    Having A Website For Your Team

    I started a facebook page for our 5-7 y/o flag team, not so much for the kids but for parents and family, it made it way easier than txting, emails and calling to notify parents of schedule changes and such.
  4. KWILSON512

    Last Second Victory!

    Good point, never thought about that. After the first game we were discussing the situation and that never popped into our heads. Thats why I love this site.
  5. KWILSON512

    Last Second Victory!

    This is our semifinal game, we break this huddle down 20-14 with 10 seconds left in the game. http://youtu.be/O1rwzEjBLKQ This is the 2pt conversion attempt to seal the deal and send us to the champioship game. http://youtu.be/p3mBtdxIz9w We eventually lost in the championship game but i'll take it, we finished 2nd out of 14 teams. A little bit of info - The black team had a kid that was offsides/false start on every single snap, to the point that I told the ref to not worry about calling it on the little guy anymore.. thats the reason he didnt call it on our last play...thank god.
  6. KWILSON512

    Last Second Victory!

    Thanks man Thats usually called in our league, the circumstance were this... The other team has an autistic kid, he's a good flag puller and pretty fast but seems to be offisides or false starting on literally every play he plays. We played them in week 1 the kid racked up 6 or 7 penalties before I told the ref just to forget about calling it on him, I felt bad for all involved, especially for the coach who was doing the right thing by rotating the kid in there almost knowing it was gonna result in a 5yd penalty. So in talking with the other coach we decided to ask the refs to take it easy on the false starts and off sides and told him why...thank god he did. The funny thing is, that you can hear that kids dad calling for a false start penalty in the video.
  7. KWILSON512

    Help Develop Qb With Slow Release/tunnel Vision

    There's no pass rush in our league and we have 7 seconds to pass the ball, no drop just due to the fact that theres no rush. We play 6 on 6 , we have to have 4 guys on the line and the defense has to cover those 4 on the los so we are always facing a 4-2 or a 5-1 look. We run all of our passing plays off of fake's and misdirects and for the most part the 2 check downs are always the same and always open.
  8. KWILSON512

    Help Develop Qb With Slow Release/tunnel Vision

    I had a 6 year old checking down, sometime 2-3 checks with no problem, my buddy who also coaches had a 7 year old checking down no problem. I'm not saying it's for all kids but I feel like people under estimate these kids too often. We practiced it and practiced it just like it would look in a game until it became second nature. The teams that have a "go to" reciever on plays are left looking lost if and when that reciever isnt open.
  9. KWILSON512

    Help Develop Qb With Slow Release/tunnel Vision

    I just wrapped up a season with a 6 on 6 (5-7 year old) team, we through the ball about 40 to 50% of the time this year. Here are some things we did... 1. I would practice the same play over and over (no defense) and I would make the QB hit a different reciever everytime. I felt like it helped his mechanics, decision making and timing. If he took longer than 5 seconds to throw i'd blow the whistle and restart the play. 2. We also ran our offense against 3-4 parents, the parents would act as linebackers and cover routes which would then force our QB to find the open route, we rotated the open routes. I really liked this because the parents were way more coordinated than any of my players and a poor decision resulted in pick 6's. I felt like the pick 6's were a good way to show the QB the consequences of poor decision making and i'd usually talk to the QB about why he made the throw and his thought process between plays. Again, I would blow the whistle if the QB had not thrown the ball after 5 seconds and make the restart the play. 3. Tunnel vision - Our QB got tunnel vision from time to time but I found it to be a direct result of the QB understanding the capabilities of his recievers, he would throw to more dependable recievers when it doubt. We worked really hard on catching for the first 10-15 minutes of every practice and eventually the QB got to the point where he felt pretty comfortable with most of them due to the fact that they all became way better at catching. Hope this helps, I have no clue if these are sound coaching methods, i'm only in my second year and this is what worked for us...good luck.
  10. KWILSON512

    My Season So Far (5-7 Yo, 6 On 6)

    Update - We played our semifinal game at 11am this morning and won 22-20. We scored the game tying TD at the end of regulation and converted a 2 pt conversion to win it. We then went on to play in our championship game at 6pm and lost 18-8, we ran into a pee wee flag version of the steel curtain.
  11. Just thought i'd give rundown of my season to this point, most everything i've learned from coaching has come from this site. I coach 6 man flag football , 5-7 year olds. Game 1 - W - 25-12 - Good close game until a late pick 6 sealed the deal. Game 2 - W - 14-12 - We played a tough team minus our 2 stud players (brothers on a fishing trip), were losing 12-0 at halftime, played great defense and pulled it with 30 secnds left in the game. Game 3 - L - 25-20 - Again we played without the brothers, lost but had a little conflict with the coach (also league commissioner) not knowing the rules he wrote. Like most flag leagues we have pass only zones, we also require a forward pass across the line of scrimmage in passing zones, lets just say commissioners team is allowed to lateral. I called him out on it and told him it was illegal in a passing zone after the first lateral...he ran 5 more throughout the game, 2 resulting in TD's. Still proud of my boys and we'll see this team in the playoffs and we'll have a full roster. Game 4 - W - 24-0 - Total blowout, felt bad for the other team. They had the athletes but only ran 1 play (2 if you count flipping that one play). Either way, my kids caught on quick and beat them to the edge every play. Game 5 - W - 24-0 - Another blowout, felt bad for these kids too, they maybe have the best athlete in the league but the coaches passed on 14 of 17 offensive plays. Combine the fact that they have a 5-7 year olds passing the ball and that we play pretty good pass defense and you have terrible completion rate...1 completed pass for 5 or 6 yards. Game 6 - W - 24-8 - I was really nervous about this game, it was a showdown of the 2 top teams in the division, we won it pretty easily. I'll be playing this team in 2 weeks in opening round of the playoffs, pretty sure we'll beat them but still concerned because we played in some pretty bad field conditions the first time we met. All in all we are 6-1 with our only loss comming with 2 studs being out of state. We are also getting another stud back this week (sprained ankle , missed the last 3 games)....one more regular season and then its playoff time.
  12. KWILSON512

    My Season So Far (5-7 Yo, 6 On 6)

    Another update - We won our 1st playoff game saturday 14-0, went into half up 14-0 and ran my slower / less skilled players the entire second half.
  13. KWILSON512

    New Coach Intro

    They really dont allow for much practice time huh. I'd work on plays and try to coach defense in the game if you are stuck in that 30 miute pre game practice format. In my expierence everyone runs the same basic plays, some like me run more misdirection (reverses, reverse passes) and some run more basic heads up plays, in the end it comes down kids learning and executing their plays and there is no substitution for reps. I'd briefly cover defensive allignment, tell them to follow the ball not the players and the rest can be covered in game, correcting and coaching defense up on the fly as you go.
  14. KWILSON512

    My Season So Far (5-7 Yo, 6 On 6)

    - UPDATE 10/9/11- We went out after a 2 week layoff (weather) and pulled out a close one, 22-20. We entered the 2nd half down 14-0 (2 td's and a saftey) and fought our way back to lead the game 22-14 with about a minute left in the game, our opponent then scored and it came down to their 2pt converion attempt at the end of regulation , we knocked the pass down, won and ended the regular season 7-1 with the best record in the league (18 teams). Playoffs begin next Sat...Pumped!
  15. Hey all, thinking about throwing together a series of winter fitness/conditioning camps in Berea. The camps will be football related but our primary focus will be getting these kids off of their couches and away from their gaming systems for some group workouts and drills. Camp will be aimed at kids ages 5-10....if interested please email me kwilson512@yahoo.com or pm me here.
  16. KWILSON512

    O-Line Dedicated Site....free

    Just thought i'd pass this site along... It's a site created by former Buckeye and 2 Pro Bowl center LeCharles Bentley, the site is dedicated to offensive line play, technique and training. It's filled with informative videos and has a decent message board/forum area, it's a great site and LeCharles actually does his best to weigh in on alot of the discussions. http://www.o-lineworld.com/
  17. I sent my first play over, have practice in about 30 min but i'll convert the rest of my playbook to 7 on 7 for you tonight and tomorrow....let me know what you think.
  18. KWILSON512

    My Season So Far (5-7 Yo, 6 On 6)

    I was talking to the head of the league earlier today and there seems to be alot of complaints about the way the 5-7 flag commissioner is handling things, he assured me that the same guy wont be in charge next year. In my talk with the head of the league I volunteered to be in charge of a rules committee. I figure I would spend an evening with coaches and referees to review rules, field questions and whatever else is need to make sure everyone is on the same page. I think alot of the issues this year are a result of the current flag commission not going over rules with the referees, one ref told me that he had never even recieved a rulebook. All in all this league is great, just feel like the 5-7 flag commissoner bit off a bit more than he could chew, he is an engineer and works out of town 3-4 nights a week. While upset about the nature of our lone loss, I realize this guy has a full plate and is doing his best, it's also worth mentioning that he does NOT have a kid in the league, he just has a passion for football. Plus, I think the loss really grabbed the attention of my kids, they have been playing lights out on defense since then, allowing only 8 points in the past 3 games.
  19. See, in our league (6 on 6)_ the offense has got to have aminimum of 4 guys on the los and the defense has to line up 4 guys in front of them on the line, I can put 5 on the line but the defense dont have to line up over the 5th. We also have to have a balanced formation, I cant go trips.
  20. KWILSON512

    My Season So Far (5-7 Yo, 6 On 6)

    We have the same rules and the same "no run zones" , a pass in a "no run" zone has to be a forward pass across the line of scrimmage and has to be an overhand pass. In this case the the coach/commissioner literally had the rb take 3 or 4 steps toward the sideline (not towards the los) turn and catch the ball which makes it a lateral at best, possibly a backwards pass then runs up field......I dont even know why the play is in his playbook. What really got me heated about it was the fact that he is a commissioner a read the same rules I read, he coached the year before and it was a rule then. Like I said, I told him after the first one that it wasnt legal, he responded with "Did the refs call it?" then I responded with " I dont know, you're the commissioner, do the refs know to call it?"...he ended up running it 5 times total, 2 of which went for scores. I didnt make a scene because I didnt want to be "that guy" but I walked up to him after the game with the rule highlighted in bright pink and told him to read his own rules. I told him I was pissed because he ran it after I let him know it was illegal, we all make mistakes but I felt it was cheap for this guy to run it over and over in passing situations. I must point out that this guy is commissioner of our 5-7 year old league, we have another commissioner that started the entire program and oversees everything, I contacted him and he sent out a league wide email to all coaches explaining the rule and why its in place. I'm still mad about it but i'm kinda glad it happened, I think my guys are motivated to get their hands on this team in the semifinals.
  21. KWILSON512

    How Many Plays?

    I agree with everything the posters before me said, too many plays equals confusion and i'd rather run 12 plays great than run 25 sloppy ones. I coach 5-7 year olds and run about 12 plays and we run them as close to perfect as 5-7 year olds can run plays. There is a former NFL player coaching in my league, he has 3-4 formations and i'm guessing he wouldnt install a formation unless he had 3 or 4 plays per formation, needless to say his team's record is 1-6 right now while my team has a record of 6-1. I know for a fact that this coach knows way more about football than I do but think he fell into the trap alot of coaches do and over complicated things, KISS (Keep it simple stupid) is a good approach.
  22. KWILSON512

    Ipad For Playbook

    I use my ipad alot for coaching, sounds dumb but its easy for me to draw up a play anywhere and send it to my assistant coaches to get instant feedback. I also give it to a high school kid that I have as a assistant of sorts, he tapes each game for me play by play, that allows me to come home and instantly view game film so I can correct problem areas, also give me one ###### of a highlight tape at the end of the season.
  23. KWILSON512

    4 Year Old Son Won't Wear Mouthpiece

    Mouthpieces are mandatory in our legue (5-7 flag), I havent really heard of any problems besides kids gagging on them so I would do what the previous posters said and check the size. It could be the right size but formed wrong so cutting a little off the back might help out. Might want to start from scratch and buy a new one, after boiling it drop it in juice or gatorade before putting it the kids mouth, maybe the flavor might counteract any fears they have about putting something that was in boiling water a second ago in their mouth, it might form better.
  24. I dont know if you would be interested but I could put you in touch with the commissioner of my league, maybe he could give you some tips on getting a league off the ground. I grew up in the City of Berea where the league is and the city offered NO football until middle school,long story short he started this program 2 years ago and we are already over 300 kids in the program with 18 flag teams and 3 tackle teams. Here's a link to our leauge. http://www.bereayouthfootball.org/
  25. KWILSON512

    Why Run M2M?

    I run zone and then M2M on one or two stud players. Man to man for my team (5-7 year olds) means chaos on any type of misdirection.