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    How To Deal With Insecurity As A Coach?

    you can't work on everything. make a list of things you want to work on and prioritize it. the other teams probably have experienced players, which you don't have. coach accordingly and look for positive signs of improvement. i understand, but don't understand the "no practice" philosophy. yes, you want it to be fun, but it's not fun when you have a team that isn't having fun because they can't practice.
  2. Thanks! Great article and web site. I also enjoyed the article, What A Youth Football Player Should Expect From His Coaches.
  3. The next season is starting up in a few weeks. Like everyone else, practice time is extremely limited before games start. I'll have only 2 or 3 practices (if im lucky) in before we play a game. I'm trying to prioritize what I'm going to cover at practice. We are a shotgun only league ages 8-11 i expect 1/2 to 2/3 of my players to have never played any form of football before 7 players at a time most offensive plays are running here are some skills/fundamentals i think need to focus on, mostly in order of importance. I'm interested in second opinions. conditioning center to QB/RB shotgun blocking flag pulling basic run offense basic run defense basic pass defense punting punt coverage passing receiving basic pass offense blitzing pass defense
  4. frank10

    First Time Coaching! Need Advice!

    How are you handling your coaching staff? offesnive coordinator, defensive coordinator?
  5. Does anyone use visio and have a template for their playbook? I did a google search, but no luck. I found one but the file was corrupted.
  6. frank10

    In Need Of An 8 Man Play Book

    same here I'm in an 8x8 flag league with blocking