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  1. Thanks Joe, finally got some plays together and the majority have exactly the key points you mentioned in your post. We'll see how goes on saturday!
  2. Need a few mis- direction plays for 7 on 7 flag football. QB cannot run past LOS. Any number of rushers on defense when lined up 7 yds off LOS. Im SUPPOSED to be the defensive coach! I cannot afford to purchase programs with a full playbook. Any help and diagrams greatly appreciated.
  3. I am coach for a 7 on 7 league. We have the 7 yard rush line rule in effect. Any number of players can rush. QB cannot run beyond LOS. My biggest issue is I have kids ranging in age from 8 to 12. And only 5 kids have any previous team football experience. And I have 14 kids on team so I have to split things up so everybody plays. The inexperience is my biggest obstacle getting started. Any assistance is appreciated. 2 yrs ago zone worked great with some experienced kids 5 on 5. Last year they just didnt "get it" so I switched to man. Now I dont know which way to go. Some teams primarily pass, others run alot. Ive read some on 2-3-2 but now Im trying to explain zone to a young group of kids again.
  4. Hey I want to add, I would encourage the child that does not want to run with the ball to do so. Get him to do it just once, then just once more. His confidence in himself will grow through the process and is instrumental in a childs growth in LIFE! We sometimes are asked to do things we dont want to do, and without a little risk there is NO reward. Keep encouraging him to try. Thats what this is all about. I remember one of my kids last year would have stayed in a corner the first day if there was one. By the last game he caught a ball and ran for a touchdown. His whole demeanor was transformed in a few short weeks. Now thats a success story of monster importance. Its why I do it!!
  5. I've been down the "every kid playing QB road" and it's rough, especially at the younger ages. After experimenting with that for a few games in 2nd grade, Orange set me straight and I never looked back. I usually have 2-3 kids who "get it" on the QB position. It's not about winning for me, it's about not cheating the other 9 kids out of quality ball touches. I watched teams rotate QBs and fumble, botch the snap, bad exchanges, and in a matter of minutes they were back on defense. Big bummer for the rest of the kids who just wanted to run with the ball. In our league, they keep the clock running and we only have 20 minute halves, so capitalizing on opportunities for ball touches is a priority. The best way for someone to learn the QB position is definitely by playing QB in a game, under pressure. However, not at the expense of cheating the other players out of ball touches and chances to score. I got around this by allowing everyone to play QB in practice with this set-up 3 on 3 drill. Kids love it, moves fast, and everyone gets to play QB. This was a good way to get them experience at playing QB in a fast paced environment. I would always give every kid a chance to play QB in a game during the season though. We'd track it to make sure no one was left out and went with the flow if things were going well (not a lot of fumbles, botched snaps, etc.). Seemed to work well and we ended up getting tons of successful runs/catches for the kids. Thanks for all the input guys. I just found out I will not have all the same kids as last year, bummer, but we will have an additional week to practice before we start playing games. This should help tremendously with the teaching aspect of things before the fast paced caos of gametime.
  6. This will be my 2nd yr of coaching flag football 5 on 5. Im looking for a couple insights on some issues. First of all, I am firm in my belief of having each player play each position for some amount of time, question regarding QB, when do i pull him/her if they aren't doing so well. Nobody likes to lose but I dont want to beat up ones confidence by yanking them after a couple intercepts or fumbles. Second, I used a zone defense last year with good success early but for some reason late in the season the wide runs to the outside beat us often. Was this just my players ability and out of position or is there something I can stress during practice more other than staying in their position? I had little success with running the ball with 5 on 5 last year. rushers must be 7 yds back. This really hurt us if the QB talent wasnt there. I would try to offset a not so talented arm with one that did each game. (I would switch player positions at halftime). I am sure there is more but Im drawing a blank for now. Just starting to prepare for start in a couple weeks. Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks Guys, The color code assignments is the way to go here. I have also reduced the number of plays we will be using for the rest of the season. Last week was exciting although we lost. We actually would have beat an undefeated team if the winning touchdown wasn't called back due to offsides by our wideout. (refs never saw it but the kids dad was yelling at him to get behind the LOS). We play 5 on 5 and only seven kids showed up so I had some confusion due to the re-aligning of my roster plan and two kids wanting a "break" in the middle of play. However having two plays per position allowed me to assure each kid got a shot at touching the ball on offense without having to concentrate on that too much. With the loss this week and the struggle in a win last week allowed me the opportunity to speak to these kids about a persons character. They never got discouraged and just kept their heads up and the effort was awesome. A chance to see first hand that a best effort doesn't always provide the desired result but one can always walk away with their head up knowing they gave thier all. I told them effort is always easy when your winning, how you respond to difficulty shows your real character and theirs was very strong. Great lessons for 3rd - 5th graders.
  8. Hey Coaches, Need some insight on slowing down the game, FOR ME. I am having difficulty getting players a play on offense and who goes where during the game. We have only had two practices and are limited to about 40 min. of practice before we play our games. It is a bit kaotic for me and the kids don't get a chance to rotate so each has a chance to contribute on offense (should I design a play for each kid?). I have only two QB's per game, 1 each half. But are different each game. This being said we are 2-0 but I feel like I am failing at getting each child a pass to catch or run to execute. This is important to me and THEM. Thanks
  9. Hey there coaches, First off let me just say thank you for the wealth of info on this sight. This is my first year coaching football at 44 yrs old. My son is 10 and just getting into sports. Been waiting all my life for this as an avid sports fan of all sports. Played football pop warner thru 9th grade, then cross country and wrestling. My size and ability limited my football playing although it is by far my favorite sport. Same goes for my son, heck of a soccer player though. We played our first 5 on 5 flag game yesterday and won 30-12!! My son thru for two TD's!! 3rd thru 5th graders on team. This is the first year for the program so the kids have only backyard game experience. I plan on giving each player an opportunity to play each position. Introduced 3-2 zone defense just prior to the game and it produced two interceptions for us with one defensive TD. Think we'll stick with that. Looking for a few mis-direction run plays for two point conversions. We must tell them whether or not we are going to run from (7 yds out -2pts) or pass from (5 yds out -1pt). All input appreciated!! Great site guys!!! Plmqwk LG, Wisconsin
  10. Have add this one In our league the kids got a jersey with their favorite nfl team logo. on my team we had Packers, Bears, Jets, and Cowboys. To include everyone in the mix I used the first letter of each and came up with PB & J Chompers!!
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