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  1. cschernandez

    Whack A Mole

    Try using this my "base zone defense". Always put your best three kids in the middle and swap out the other players at DE.
  2. cschernandez

    Here Are My Kids

    New Video!
  3. cschernandez

    Here Are My Kids

    Here is Game 8. Playoffs here we come!
  4. cschernandez

    My Playbook

    Big Cat, Chaos Reverse, Wolverine Pass, Trips Left, X Rush and WR Motion RB Run.
  5. cschernandez

    Desperate Need Of Advice/support

    I guess everyone has their favorite way of playing defense. This year our team has scored 400 - 80 points total. Most games we kept our opponents under 12 points by not rushing.
  6. cschernandez

    Desperate Need Of Advice/support

    I agree with Lew. I used to be a strong believer in rushing the passer but I have change my defense to puting the most skillful kids in the middle of the defense so that may compensate on either side of the field.
  7. cschernandez

    Desperate Measures.

    Try using my play called the "Big Cat" it available in my playbook that I have uploaded. We get a touchdown 80% of time with that play. If you use that play make sure the RB appears as he/she is going to pass the ball prior to running with it.
  8. cschernandez

    Here Are My Kids

    8 - 10 years olds.
  9. cschernandez

    Here Are My Kids

    Game 7
  10. cschernandez

    My Playbook

    Here is my playbook, enjoy! Please let me know if you have any questions. Coach Juan
  11. cschernandez

    Here Are My Kids

    Game 6
  12. cschernandez

    Do You Ever Use A Silent Snap Count?

    We use the silent snap successfully but the main focus is that the kids need to watch the ball, as soon as it moves they need to hustle.
  13. 3-2 defense for me, today we blanked the other team 39 - 0 with that defense.
  14. cschernandez

    Here Are My Kids

    Sorry your Refs do not allow it. Maybe you should send them a point paper expressing your viewpoint. BTW here is another video I just made, the kiddos scored 61 points!