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  1. thanks guys…….all great ideas and gives me some direction. Appreciate it.
  2. Hello I've coached flag football for 3-4 seasons at the age 4-6 year old level with my two boys. After two years trying out tackle, my 10 year old now is going back to flag football. The big change since I last coach with him is that we're no longer allowed on the field or in the huddle. I have plenty of plays and drills to use but looking for advice as to how you guys send in your plays. Do you run players on/off each play? Do you use wrist bands? Do you call the play on a white board and hold it up? Wide open to suggestions. My concern is the kids understanding the play call and all assignments. It's not like tackle where they mainly occupied the same position for a series or the entire game. In our league we track touches which means the boys have to rotate positions. QB is the only position I somewhat limit. Appreciate any advice Chris
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