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  1. Our mission is to get players to the next level. Our legitimate contacts help provide vital connections in the baseball world. Our love for the game of baseball drives our dedicated staff to provide honest guidance and exposure to baseball players across the country! Check out our camps and private lessons. Our instructors are very knowledgable and professional. They are ready to help your child enhance their skills that will help them progress further in the baseball world. The valuable tools they will learn and the instruction they recieve far surpasses what most camps offer. Our instructors are college coaches, some high school coaches, and pro coaches. We also have professionals that are currently and recently playing the game and can teach your child what they need to know in order to get exposed at the college and professional level. We have a recruitment advisement division in which we are able to consult you as a parent and your child and help you get scholorships and school advice. When looking at schools and scholorships there is so much information to take in and so much you need to know that even our professional advisors must work to keep up with it all! All American Baseball Hitting and Pitching Video Analysis may be the single best tool for improving a players mechanics. Video analysis will identify flaws in a players swing, or pitching mechanics, and our professionals will provide you with instant feedback on how to improve. If you have not gotten a video analysis in the past, you may not know the value until you get the first one! Not only will our professionals be able to tell you what you are doing wrong, but they will be able to show you with the analysis tools. Most parents are not experienced enough, nor is it thier expertise to break down a swing or pitching mechnanics and most parents would not be able to break down these mechanics and be able to help their player correct their problems. Unless you have played or coached for many years, it's hard to identify problems and know how to fix them! All American Baseball Analysis gets results! Website: www.aabaseballcamps.com Email: allamericanshowcases@yahoo.com Office: 928-854-4092 Fax:877-773-0152