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  1. Coach Amber


    Hi Rushbuster, Thanks for replying. Right now it's Riddel(Pop Warner) and he has an Adams. I will check that place out:) Thanks, Coach Amber
  2. Coach Amber


    Hello All, We need better helmets..the last game we played (a bowl game and Won) the QB, on the other team, gets sacked and head slams to the grass real hard..it took him a while to get up and the helmet he was wearing did not look very snug...clean hits but still...I am looking to get better head gear for my Son (as well as recommend), before the winter season starts and I was looking at this helmet..anybody have any other ideas? http://www.sportsunlimitedinc.com/schutt-ion-4d-youth-football-helmet.html Thanks, Coach Amber www.deervalleybullwhips.com
  3. Hi TB!!

    Another fellow female coach here:)

  4. Coach Amber

    Woman Coach?

    Hi Coach TB, Another female coach here:) I am a conditioning coach for a Pop Warner Tackle team (www.deervalleybullwhips.com) ..this is my first season and I really enjoy being on the coaching staff. My Son also plays for the team and this is his first Pop Warner season as well. I was actually asked to Head Coach a flag team but my Son really wanted to play tackle. I am also USA Football certified. Next season the team will be moving up and we will not as my Son is the youngest on the team. I am, however, going to put a team together with another coach, My Husbands job is all over the place so he assist when he can:), and we are going to play the winter season with another youth sports program which will be 8 man (Pop Warner is 11 man) and we are currently looking for players with hopes that we can stay together to form a new Pop Warner team for the next season. I have been blessed working the coaching staff and I have learned a lot:) there are 8 of us and 24 kiddos and I am looking forward to the opportunity to use what I learned and incorporate it with what I know. I truly believe there is a place for Women in football..and I do not mean just cheerleading LOLOLOL:) but as long as you have the basics, fundamentals and techniques down there is no reason you cannot be as successful as a man. I would like to keep in touch with you and share with our experiences. Have a great season, Coach Amber
  5. 1st Season Pop Warner Tackle Football Coach Here:)