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  1. RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Squeeze Aggies - Third Quarter coming up. Timmy D and his defense needs to adjust to the adjustments. and Sherm and Tanny need to keep the offense rolling. Gig Em Aggies!!!

  3. I cannot wait for the Aggies to pound Baylor tomorrow. I am so tired of the Baylor smack talkers (not you Eric Steele or you Sarah Christiansen). I'm talking about the ones who run their mouth knowing their team has nothing to back it up. So not happy right now. Beat the ever-livin, ever-lovin, SEC football, HELLL outta Baylor!!!

  4. In December 2008, we "won" a maroon beta in a White Elephant exchange at a company Christmas party (thanks Chalie Galligan). I named him Colt McCoy, expecting him to not last long. Well, Colt McCoy kept going strong, even though we were not the most responsible fish owners. We later changed his name to Tony Romo.

    Tonight, Tony Romo floated to the top of his little bowl and we had to flush him. As Kyle said, "He was a good fish". As a non-pet family, the kids took it surprisingly hard....

  5. we are now 2-0-1 and playing pretty well. I have attached our playbook. I have adopted your comments. The league in general relies on big plays. At this age, defensive discipline is the single biggest driver. We preach that our corners stay home and get the flag quickly. On defense, we line up a guy at the 7-yard cone (the MONSTER). He often blitzes at the snap. then we have two LBs and two CBs. each with instructions to stay home and wait for the ball to cross the line, then attack the ball/flags. WCS 2010 playbook FrontBack only.ppt
  6. We played our first game last week. One our kids had four carries and four length of the field TDs. We ran about 6 other offensive plays - 4 XPs (converted one) and 2 others for no yards. Its chaotic back there. I'm really going to impress on our kids and the refs that players CANNOT cross the line until the handoff occurs (except those behind the seven yard rush line) for the most part we had fun. but its going to be a while before we can run a more complicated play (like a reverse or something) and we have some work to do on defense - we would get there, just not get the flag pulled.
  7. I was wondering about shotgun. I was really hesitant to add it in there, but got enamoured with that diamond offense that teams are running this year. thanks
  8. I have stolen from many of you and have decided to use the color coded system with my 5v5 team (5-7 YO I9 rules) each player will wear a different colored wristband to correspond to his spot on the the field. I'll show them the play in the huddle and announce (by color or letter or number) who will get the ball. By having the colors in a variety of places in my playbook, i can get every player time at every position. I can also run the same play four times in a row and get the ball to all four non-QBs. There are 15 plays in here, I'd only expect to run 4-5 per game. Please tell me what you think. I played football for a long time, and have coached my son in soccer and t-ball. I'm not sure yet what to expect out of flag football, especially not sure what these kids can process. I expect that I'll need to incorporate some motion or spacing changes to get the timing right on some of these plays. The general idea is to have simplicity for my team but deception for the defense. WCS 2010 playbook.ppt
  9. i will be coaching 5-6 year olds. in 5v5 and I am allowed on the field my plan is to assign each a color (including a wristband) i will show them the play in the huddle we'll install about 5 plays, but each will have options on who gets the ball. depending on who we call in the huddle. I'll have the plays marks so that I can call a number, letter or number to determine who gets the ball, so the defense is not tipped off.
  10. Does anyone have a practice plan put together?? I'm lookign to coach my son's 6-8 YO team - 7on7 YMCA rules. I've seen lots of playbooks and drills, but how about a practice schedule??
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