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  1. CROB, Thanks for the info that really helped a lot. do you think I will get more done on offense if I just practice with the 5 on the court instead of doing a scrimmage and try to coach like that. My big problem is time I only get 1 hr once a week to practice and it is very strict. I coach on a navy base, so that explains the practice times. Also on a different note. I have a couple of parents that I know might be getting frustrated cause they probably know more about the game of basketball than I do, I see them on the side trying to coach thier kid, or I see them pacing as if they are frustrated. The way I see it if they dont like what I am doing, tough they should of volunteered at the begining of the season. One more thing, what is a good rim hieght for both the leagues. They have my 6-7 using a 8 ft rim, which most of them cant even reach when they shoot the ball, my 8-10 are using a 10 ft goal and it is hard for some of them.
  2. I am coaching two teams due to the lack of dads wanting to coach. I have a 6-7 yr olds and a 8, 9, 10 yr olds. My question is I am reading a lot about not showing them plays. Just to teach them how to have the proper spacing, that I have under my belt and I am going to preach that at the next practice. Next is what kind of scoring plays can I expect if I only teach them spacing, or can anyone suggest some scoring plays. I was thinking of running a 5 out perimeter and try to use cuts, or penetrating dribble to score. Any help is some help..thanks again guys and girls.
  3. First time coach here, and I am coaching a team on a local Military Base. They have us going by NFL Flag football rules. My question is what plays could I use against a zone or man defense where I can get my 3 downs to mid field. My QB can run once a series and defense can rush 3 at a time. thanks for the help
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