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  1. Generally true simultaneous catch situations the rules provide possesion to the offensive team. Being in an endzone has no bearing on this. Same goes for field of play. If two players are airborne and both have control as they land then the first persons feet down should be ruled as completeting the catch. By the way you decsribed this it is a diffcult play for seasoned officials to cover not to mention you have flag officials looking at this can easily have been seen differently. 15 years HS football. 5 years JUCO. 5 years pro indoor football.
  2. Ugh. Saw this months too late. Hit me up if you still play some 4v4. Thats usually all we play and I have a playbook. there should be one I posted on here a a couple years back but we always had a center.
  3. When we played we had 5 on the line, QB, and two backs. R G C G R Q 1 2 We had 8 plays on wrist bands taht were color coded. Everyone knew their color. Coach told them in huddle what play and color and it always worked fine. We used to run a lot of fake one of teh backs and hand to the other in the gaps. We had pitches to the backs as well that worked. Never had the K players. We 8v8 when we were 1st grade. Close enough but good luck.
  4. Well we finished 7-1. Not too bad. I much prefer a 4v4 or 5v5 format. This one is ok but with the one yard rush and two men being able to come passing is close to being wiped out. We passed but it was always flats to backs. Only time you could get down field was designed roll outs.
  5. Week 2 update. Talk about some battles. Saturday game team was sitting on pitches and outside attacks. We stayed up all game by extra points. With 3 minutes left and up by 2 I went three straight runs up the middle. They sucked in their players and we caught them outside for a game sealing 40 yard run. Sunday game. Up 12-0 we flagged poorly and let them score twice. Stopped first extra point. Rookie player got a pick on the second one! We got ball with 49 seconds left and were stuffed on 3 plays. Clock running and their D formation never changing all game I remembered we hit a 3 yard slant 3 times earlier. I switched to my fastest guy on the slant call. QB gets snap off at 1 sec hits the slant and he hits the gap between LB and safety and we run for 35 plus yards for a game winner with no time. Seems like most teams giving up middle so we running a lot of misdirection hand offs up the middle or slant routes. We are doing pretty well with it.
  6. Week one update on 7v7 Well the biggest issue was the blitz which I anticipated. Son Qb is learning to trust the play and make a quick decsion and fire the ball. he can run so in trouble he gets away. So this week I scrapped 80 percent of the playbook and refreshed it a bit. I had too many plays telegraphing where I was going. I started to see trend as I called the games. So this week less formations, more mixing things up. We have two centers who can side snap. So now I have direct side snaps away from one rusjer and using screens on the closest rusher, getting outside with runs or throws. I have three guys alternating in back field at QB and offset Back who can run and throw. This week will be exicting. That being said we still won both games. Defense shredded only allowing 6 points in two games and picking it off 3 times. They only allowed one first down in two games. O unloaded game one but struggled in second. But in that one we were up by 2 and I caught them sneaking 4 men outside our tackles (rush lane is outside), rushing two and leaving a lone saftey. Sent one a post at him then a delayed corner route opposite of post. Qb nails the throw and we run for a 30 yard pass game clincher. I had 9 different guys carry the ball over two games which is always a plus.
  7. What rules do you play under as far as blocking? Do the kids simply get to get set and stop or can they continuosly keep their body in front of D players? What are your passing, exchange, and rush rules? A lot takes time to deevelop at 7-9 age. I coached kids this age in 4v4. MOstlyw e ran misdirection type plays to isolate runners in 2v1 or 1v1 situations.
  8. UGH, had a kid suffer a bad break on his arm yesterday. Running flag pull drills and he was pulling another kids flag. He started to pull flags and the other kid and him collided just right. Nothing out of the ordinary thet can happen in flag. Anyone go through this before? I have never had a kid hurt this bad in tackle or flag before. It kills me. I feel so bad for him.
  9. I would expect a lot of rushing. I foresee a lot of coaches getting upset when rushers come in off fakes or when they "think" the QB is moving towards the los. What happens if a rusher bites on a fake, comes in a few yards then stops, but he's in the backfield at that point? Send receivers deep and have your QB move laterally, then take off once field is clear. If they bring 3 rushers, someone should be open, if they only have one rusher, your QB should be able to take off for a good gain. I would design a few plays to take advantage of the screen. Almost like a screen in basketball. Two in the backfield, one is the screener, one gets the ball. The screener follows the rules and stays still, the runner sets up his screen by juking the opposite way before going the other direction rubbing the rusher off on the screener. I agree with your questions. I officiaite professional indoor ball and can already see issues when we fake etc. Age is 11-12 year olds. They are a good group. Mostly all my 4 on 4 team and contact team. We can not ever h/o to center as well. The play suggestions are good. I worry about once the pressure from one yard out how fast we can pull something off. I was told outside normal tackles being defines as reasonable being 1 1/2 body for a G and T position. I am used to game planning for a 7 yard rusher or no rush. Since this has never been done before either I am not sure what to expect. I agree misdirection passes, runs, etc will be good.
  10. Hello coaches. This year we are having a 7 on 7 outdoor league. I am way used to coaching 4v4. The rules are as follows: D can blitz 3 men from outside of normal tackle position as close as 1 yard off the ball. All can rush once ball is exchanged or QB makes a move towards LOS. QB can run. All players are eligible. Screen block is only allowed in backfield and players can not move to stay in front. They have to get set in teh wya of rusher. D must have 3 yard on line. Rest of team can be as close ay 3 yards. O must have three on the line. Can anyone give me some play ideas? I am struggling with this possibility of seeing two rushers coming from outside and having time to get ball outside.
  11. I wish this was a choice in tha fall for us as well. But it is not. They stop offering flag football here in the fall once you are in fourth grade. So we have soccer, baseball, and football. My son wants to try and play tackle. I will not discourage him. My mom scared me too death to the point I only enjoyed a couple youth seasons of football. Still once I was older I was undersized and probably not going to be playing at a Texas 5A school anyway.
  12. I have not had this problem. Generally my kids show for games and practices w/o trouble. My parents also know to call me if they need help with rides. If you have a good relationship with your parents I would ask if there is something you can do to help. Maybe even coordinate hekp to get him to games with other parents if thats even possible. It might also lead to a conversation about what is preventing him from p[laying. Life does happen and it sounds like some issues are there. My story on not inviting back a kid. We had one last year, problem kid, would not listen, said he hated football at practice one day which drew ire of the entire team and parents who were not engaged with team. I questioned bringing him back. Like you I just can not do it. I do not do this for W though its fun to get them. Now he has the best attitude, he is a major contributor, and I have let him know he is very significant to what we do. Good luck and I hope you guys get it worked out.
  13. 3 games in here are how things are shaping up thus far. I have one team with 2 squads playing as a single team. All same age in different divisions in the age group 3rd-4th. Both of my teams are 3rd grade going into 4th. Well over all we are 3-2-1 across both squads. one 2-1 and the other 1-1-1. Last night was our best night ever. My first team that played played a team I knew ran man to man. The game played out exactly as it did in my head. We out ran and over powered a team older and taller then us 37-7. We only attempted 10 passes the entire game and most of those were extra points. My kids flawlessly ran the game plan and we had no trouble at all. it was 14-7 us at half but we unloaded. I never ran any play that I consider a harder play that really can lead to big plays. We run hand offs and pitches with no misdirection and simply kept scoring because they were out of position to make plays. To date this tema had only scored 16 points in teh previous 2 games. My second team started out in deep trouble. First play they run for a TD. Our second O play we throw pick six. We are playing a more superior athletic team who has been kicking everyones dog. AAU basketball kids, tall, fast, and all can jump like kangaroos. My Qb looks at me and says I kinda threw that behind him. I said well forget it. Time to go back to work. We make some adjustments on D and start killing their drives. Before half BOOM we get a great quick sweep for a TD. Now we have a ball game. But things get stagnent. Both D shutting each other down. I started really seeing they tended to really over pursue things. I gambled on a third and long. I typically will not throw so not to risk INT and field position. We ran a stop and go which we NEVER practice and nailed a first down. Then a great run to get us close and a good pass route to the center in a corner for the TD. We miss the one point attempt and are now down 14-12. Both teams get a stop and they have the ball with 2 minutes to go. Enter the INT and we have the ball on thier side field with 1:30. One running play and we get closer. Tick Tick Tick. I call same running play again. Except fake, outside WR stop during fake (never practiced) then go. Boom TD. Up by 4 and we go for 2. Qb makes the prettiest pass ever and the center out leaps the kanagroo kid. Up 20-14. They get 30 yards next play on a run and have 55 seconds left. Three plays to stop them. They run again for 10 and call TO. They mishandle the next snap. Then we knock pass down in the end zone. nice game. Overall the blessing I get from the kids I have is remarkable. These kids do not quit and in every game have dug deep to to do their best. Their families are a blesisng to me as tehy are behind me. I have an assitant coach but 3 other dads who each give me input that is constructive and helps. 2 more Saturday against really tough teams.
  14. M2M works if you have all around atheletic team and speed. If not you get open to get picked apart. Rusher better be amazing also. I have about 4 games coming up with 2 opponenets that run man. I will let you know next week how it turns out.
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