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  1. Rob, the ref counts with his arm raised and lowers his arm on 5. Thanks for the help.
  2. I agree Rob, it is a cheesy set-up, but it is what it is. I have plenty of talent and speed on the team, do you recommend the 1-1-3 as an effective base defense (considering the speed I will have). I know TD23 mentioned the 2-3 with 1 guy playing the run and then mirroring the QB, what would the other guys role be? Thanks...
  3. the QB can run after the 5 seconds. So the corners and safety are responsible (for the most part) their 3 zones the width of the field, with the safety having some freedom either way, depending on the offensive positioning? Is the 2nd guy up front (who is not covering the run then shadowing the QB) on the center? I appreciate the help. Any other pointers, I'm all eyes.
  4. Alright so I'm coaching the defense for a 5 on 5 (11-14 age). I've read many of the posts and I think I like what the 2-1-2 has to offer as a base defense, with a quick swith to a 2-3 or 3-2 depending on what the offense is doing. I guess my question is: we cannot rush the QB until a 5 count, should the middle linebacker position scoot up a few yards to play the run initially and then shadow the QB before rushing?
  5. I'm coaching the defense for a 5 on 5 11-14 team (rush on 5, no qb sneak). Any pointers on different defenses that would be effective in different situations (i.e. fast qb, goal line.) Thanks, for the help guys.
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