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    Late Season Fatigue

    Inconsistency is the only thing you can count on at this level. I know I get dumb-founded when we beat a team by 30 one night and turn around and struggle to win a few days later with the same team. One thing I have been incorporating lately is motivation by playing time. I never will bench a girl when she misses a good shot, free throw etc. However, if they continue to throw the ball away, fail to block out on rebounds or put out a lack of effort, they will find themselves on the bench for a while. Also, I agree that you need to stay positive but sometimes the kids need something extra. For example, my girls were 23-0 going into a tournament Championship game yesterday. The team we were playing was probably a better team (I was hoping just to keep it close). The girls were playing great and we found ourselves up by 7 at halftime. Our opponets made some adjustments and tied it up late in the game. I called time out to re-group and the girls were flustered. Complaining about their teamates not passing or making bad passes, not playing defense etc (and they all were guilty). Let me tell you I let them have it. I told them to step their own game up, this is exactly what the other team wants to do to take us out of our game, etc. etc. They pulled together and one by one. Our best victory of the year.
  2. griceok

    Problem Parents

    I agree a team meeting and handbook of goals and expectations is the way to go. I will give you an example of how this helped in one of my parental incidents while coaching 4th grade basketball. The handbook I gave out really focused on sportmanship and expectations from the parents and players (more than players) and in our meeting I told the parents I expected them to set the standard on sportsmanship. We were playing a VERY intense basketball game and lost a close one to a better team. I noticed my parents were very vocal during the game (which was pushing my standards) but afterwards I felt good about our effort and our girls felt good. Then I looked accross the floor and saw one of my parent's fathers in the face of one of the other parents and really getting very volitale. I called all of my parents to a corner of the gym and came down on them. In hindsight I should have let everyone cool off but I told them they were expected to set the example and that we were not going to act like that during games or to our opponents. This did not set well with the parent who confronted the other team, told me it was the other teams fault etc. My comments were to let me know if there is sportsmanship issues but it doesn't matter whose fault it was we are not going to participate in that activity. He proceeded to tell me he was taking his girl off the team, which he did for 2 weeks and then she came back (after he agreed to my expectations). I elected not to bring them back the next year because of another issue he had with his summer team. (He threatened to sue the summer league coach).
  3. griceok

    Fourth Grade Girls Offense

    I totally agree with Coach7's comments and found myself in the same situation. I also coach 7th grade girls and the last few years we have typically felt good to finish 500. We had two girls who accounted for 90% of our points (if someone else got a bucket it was a pleasant suprise). Over the summer we did NOTHING but work on fundamentals. Mainly shooting but also defense and rebounding. This year we are 16-0 and all of the girls can score. Obviously you still have your stronger players but when you reach the point that all of your players can put the ball in it makes a big difference. We do run a very simple rotation offense but don't spend a lot of time on it.
  4. griceok

    Officiating Issues

    I am somewhat beside myself on what I experienced tonight and am not sure how to handle it. I have a fifth grade s team that was in the winners side of a tournament. We had already beaten the next best team and was playing a team that was not of our caliber. When we were up by a few points in the first half when the other team began pressing us and the game got extremley physical. We could not get the ball down court as we were getting bumped and pushed every time. I am not exagerating in my 4 years of coaching, never have I seen a game get so out of control. Of course my parents were hollering and the ref told me I better tell them to calm down. I voiced my displeasure at his calls and he called a deserved technical on me. He then told me I could not get off the bench the rest of the game even when one of my players got injured. At that point the officiating took an obvious turn against us and my top two scorers were fouled out with over 15 minutes left. One of my players grandmothers was kicked of of the gym at that point we fell apart and lost. Several of the other teams and parents (and the gatekeeper) came up to me and told me it appeared it was obvious the ref's were not going to left us win that one. (And I never thought I would say that). The ref's made comments to my players how if we wanted fouls we were going to get them (15 team fouls to 2) in the second half. After the game my s were totaly demoralized and in tears. They did not feel like playing the looser's bracket game (the other team we beat the night before). They played a good second game but lost by 4. However I am still at a loss on how to handle that.
  5. griceok

    Girls Basketball

    I agree with your approach and I have started having similar issues with my 5th grade girls team. It is one thing to have fun practices, but it is another thing to pay attention and work hard. These girls are at the age where they need to show respect to their coaches and teamates by working hard, paying attention and at the same time have fun.
  6. This is the first year our team will be able to press. I think it will be essential to be competitive that we succesfulyl do this. I was debating running a 1-2-2 full court press or a 1-3-1 half court press. Any ideas on which one would be best suited for 5th grade girls. (I remember playing agains a team that ran an awesome 1-3-1 when I was in Junior high and it scared me everytime I had to bring the ball down the court). Thanks, Greg