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  1. Nba Hurting Youth Basketball

    It appalls me how NBA players present themselves these days. Some are thugs, criminals, and terrible sportsman. The worst part is that a lot of kids idolize the worst. Iverson is one of the HUGE favs among my 6th graders - I often wish that the league would be more active in reminding their players. If less were allowed to continue it would only help those coaches with the younger players coming up.
  2. Best Coaching Moments

    3rd o.t. in tournament play and the last 2sec our center lobs one in to win. The best part was the hardest attitude to overcome calling me the "best coach in the world" and all of the players dogpiling me. My first team, 5/6th grd boys and I am a women. It was a challenge that I'm hooked on for life! They all scored...they all learned...and they all had a blast. So did I!