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  1. do you have anymore lays that run off from the diamond formation? I kind of ran couple of plays through the diamond formation. Worked pretty well.
  2. We actually ran that flying ducks trianlge defense the whole season that won us the championships. It'll actually works against pass happy teams. If run the 2 LBs can step up any given time. Try it...it works.
  3. I just wished our head coach would approach it like you do. Im only an assistant but its not my call. He runs plays by heart... no playbook whatsoever.
  4. Update: Its been 4 games in and my QB has been solid as the games progressed. 1st game he had 4 picks 0tds. 2nd game 1 pick 1td pass. 3rd game 0 picks 3 td passes. 4th game 0 picks 5td passes. 2-2 for the seaason at this point. So you guys were right. Just let him adapt. He even calls audibles at the line. I believe I have my QB for several seasons in the 8U div. He just has to work hard at practice everytime.
  5. Thanks for the help and reply guys. Awesome. Good info!
  6. Thanks for the reply RB70. He's 7 yrs of age and has a gun for an arm. He played QB for the 6U group and did pretty well. Although at that age the coach will instruct him to throw it in real time, since he's standing about 5 steps behind him. Now hes moved up to the 8U group. Got faster and taller kids in this division. Coaches actually signals in a play from the sidelines. I believe he was used to just being told to throw it to 'players name', because the coach standing directly behind him could read the defenses. What to do now he's at the 8U level. And you might be correct as he needs more time and game under his belt. This kid has potential and I want him to succeed.
  7. We play a 5 on 5 flag i9 rules. My QB has issues on locking in on one receiver that we call a play for. If I call a play for 'Y' he locks on that receiver. This QB is good and accurate, but tends to lock. I always preached to him that even though I call a play for 'Y' doesn't mean to go at him. He has to learn to check down on the next and nearest available receiver. Any Ideas. Help is much appreciated.
  8. Hey 808 how did you guys do this past championship sunday? We were at Hawaii Kai, but no championship for the U6 division, which kinda sucks. My sons team went undefeated and no trophy to take home. Oh well that's i9 for ya. Anyways I'm still proud of him and his team for accomplishing this.
  9. He is only 6 yrs old and want s to play tackle. He plays U6 flag foots. About $299 is what I was told. Good Luck this weekend.
  10. How did your team do at the tourney 808? Hey by the way..how much is the fee for Highland? I heard PC charges way less. Well if my son plays this season, he will play in the tiny might division. I'm thinking he's still a little too young for tackle, but he says he wants to.
  11. I hear you guys on this thread. The kids at this age don't really pay attention to whats being taught. You as a coach can't really bark at them, because of the close watchful eye of their parents. I know you're the coach and it is at your discretion on how you coach these little guys, but you still have that sense that the parents might have a say or two after the practice.
  12. My son plays for Salt Lake. Glad to know someone from Hawaii is part of this forum. See you mentioned Pop Warner. Which team will your son play for in Pop Warner? I'm also thinking of registering my son for tackle football this year. As you may know that PW will start the registration process now till April. I'm guessing Aiea, highlands or PC, since they will be the closest. Hey 808 good luck at the tourney.
  13. Hey 808..will you still be coaching at i9 or somewhere else? We came over from NFL flag. I'm still thinking of staying put at i9 or migrating.
  14. I was there at the game and your team was pretty impressive. If I remember correctly you have a quick kid with a headband. He hella fast. Well good luck with the rest of your season 808.
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