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    Glove Arm When Pitching

    Would like to get some thoughts and opinions on the glove arm. I have been telling my daughter to bring her Glove arm straight down and close to her body rather than throwing or letting herr arm go out to the side away from the line of force. Am I off base on this, and does it have a negative affect on how hard she can throw if she keeps her arm tight?
  2. DougO

    Coaching Aids

    The hitting stick is a great device for quickly getting many cuts in a short period of time.
  3. I don't know how effective it is as far as form and technique, but I can tell that I bought one for my kids and they use it more than any other device I have tried.
  4. DougO

    Coaching Runners

    I will be coaching 5th through 8th graders in the spring. These are girls who are showing some promise as runners. I want to keep it fun, but also for improvement to occur. Any suggestions from anyone would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!