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  1. I Need Some Help

    First I would like to say that I think this is a great page! Ive read some of the post on the pages and i think its just great what you have acomplished! I live in Norway, and we really cant measure up to these basketball sites you have on the net. I need a bit help, ive just been asked to start coaching a rockie team, for 7th graders here in Norway. The problem is just that im still a rockie, and that I really need some help. If you could give me some advice about coaching, what traps I should avoid, and any good tips that you feel is working good for you, I would love this!!!! Do you know about any good basketball sites etc?? Thank you!!!
  2. Help

    I dont think there is only one answer to your question. I think you need to talk to your team, ask them, what they think went wrong. By this way, you will make them think and reflect over the matches they played. And then tell then, when theyve done sometihing good, that, wow this was really great etc.